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What you need to know

  • IKEA has added HomeKit support to its TRÅDFRI Motion Sensor and Shortcut button.
  • It means both can now interact and control other HomeKit devices.

IKEA has updated its TRÅDFRI Motion Sensor and Shortcut button with HomeKit support, meaning both now support interfacing with other HomeKit devices.

Reported by iCulture:

IKEA has a number of smart products in the range that are available with HomeKit. The most famous example is the Tradfri lamps,but also the smart plug and blinds work with HomeKit. Unfortunately, that doesn't apply to many other accessories, but that's likely to change soon. A page from IKEA shows that support for HomeKit for the motion sensor and the new Quick Pair button is planned.

From IKEA:

18th February 2021 New features and changes in Gateway: 1.13.21 Support for TRÅDFRI Motion sensor and Shortcut button in Apple Homekit Configure TRÅDFRI Bulb On/Off behavior on power cycle

This means that IKEA's motion sensor and shortcut button can now be used with other HomeKit devices. For example, both can now be used to trigger or activate HomeKit compatible lights connected to your smart home network. It appears the update hasn't yet been pushed out to hardware but is on the way soon.

IKEA has expanded its own HomeKit capabilities in recent months, last year rolling out its HomeKit compatible smart blinds:

At long last, IKEA's HomeKit enabled FYRTUR smart blinds are finally available to purchase online. Discovered today by u/grumpybaboon on Reddit, most sizes of the FYRTUR lineup are available to order for home delivery.

The FYRTUR line consists of 8 sizes, spanning 23 inches wide all the way up to 48 inches, each sharing the same 76 inch length. All of the blinds share the same gray cloth material, and are listed as blackout making it a solid option for bedrooms.

The blinds connect to IKEA's TRADFRI Gateway over ZigBee and can integrate with Apple's HomeKit for convenient Siri controls and automations.