Ikea Symfonisk Table Lamp vs. Sonos One: Which should you buy?

The Ikea Symfonisk table lamp Wi-Fi speaker and the Sonos One hardly look like they have any similarities when you put them side-to-side. However, they are both designed by Sonos, which means a high-quality sound and design. They have other similarities like AirPlay 2 and lack of Bluetooth function. Not all similarities are winning qualities, but they are both phenomenal speakers. What you're looking for with the aesthetic of your home will likely be a determining factor in which you would buy.

On one hand, you have a smart speaker that will give you almost all of the home-assistants to choose from. On the other hand, you have a two-in-one minimalist's dream. The show-off is about to begin, and we have two very bright competing products in two very different ways.

Battle Royale

The tech specs can't always tell you which product is best suited for your home or even personality. However, if you have requirements you are trying to meet, this chart may help you.

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Header Cell - Column 0 Sonos OneSymfonisk Speaker
Dimensions (H x W x D)6.36 x 4.69 x 4.69 in.16 x 9 x 9 in
Weight4.08 lbs.7 lbs.
AirPlay 2YesYes
Sonos AppYesYes
Built-in microphoneYesNo
Unique featureHumidity resistantDoubles as a lamp

It sounds like a simple choice, but if you are still on the fence, let us break it down completely. If you are an audiophile who wants a smart speaker with Alexa, Google assistant, or perhaps in the future, Siri, the choice goes to the Sonos One. However, if you are more interested in a unique space-saving speaker that has comparable audio quality, the Symfonisk lamp speaker is the choice for you.

Smarter with no light-bulb

Sonos One is undoubtedly the better sounding speaker. This compact speaker is ideal for sticking almost anywhere, even the bathroom for those much needed bubble baths. However, it's compact design does not mean it's a dainty product. It has a good weight to it with a well-built quality. The outside design is a modern matte finish. This product is a powerful smart speaker and to make the competition even more fierce, it has voice control built-in. This way, you can play or ask anything just by yelling out a command.

The features of this product are almost endless. It has two Class-D digital amplifiers to ensure you get great sound, a far-field microphone array so you hopefully won't have to yell too loud to change the song, and it even has a light to let you know when the microphone is active to offer more privacy. Among already having Alexa and Google Assistant, it also is compatible with Apple Airplay 2, so it can support all the major products. That being said, if you are strictly an Apple user, there are other speakers that might be good to consider as well.

This music is lit

Both speakers are almost equally matched for price unless you also happen to need a lamp. From top to bottom, this Ikea lamp and speaker is the poster product for minimalism, but this is not a flimsy product. It has a glass shade instead of paper or plastic, and the speaker has a knit cover that is not removable.

The lights and the speaker work independently of each other, so if you want to listen to your music in the dark, you can turn the knob to cut the light. One of the coolest features is that the lamp shade's glass is mouth-blown by a skilled craftsperson, just in case this product wasn't already unique enough for your home.

Sonos also designed this product in part, so it easily integrates with the other Sonos products. If you want stereo sound, it's easily achievable by combining it with similar or Sonos speakers. Like the Sonos One, it also has Apple Airplay 2, which allows you to stream from your Apple products easily.

Back to you for the real winner

Before smart home speakers became a must-have, the IKEA SYMFONISK lamp speaker would have probably won out without having to jump through many hoops. With its dual purpose and clever design, it is truly an exciting and unique product to have in your home.

However, based on modernization and sound quality, the Sonos One is going to win for most. The ability to hide speakers in other products does not quite beat out the sound quality and home assistants that are built into this speaker. It is possible the extra $20 for the Sonos One is a big enough price tag difference to warrant getting more than just a speaker for your money. Unless you also need a lamp...

Mary DeSpain