iLuv Flexi-Clear iPad case review

The iLuv Flexi-Clear iPad Case not only adds no bulk to your iPad, it adds tons of protection as well. It comes in a couple different colors and gives you the peace of mind of knowing that if you set your iPad on a surface face up or face down, the screen nor the back will not obtain any damage.

I've always been particularly fond of silicon skins and cases for iPad and iPhone. The iLuv Flexi-Clear iPad case exceeded my expectations. The first thing I look for with silicon cases is whether or not they collect lint or dust. If a case does, I probably won't use it. This is probably a bigger issue with the iPhone as they normally end up in pockets, but iPads end up in bags, so to me, it's equally as important. This particular skin doesn't seem to collect any dust or lint.

The next thing I typically look at is whether or not the skin stretches over time while using it. I've picked up a couple cases in the past that seem really nice but after a couple weeks, they lose their form. The bad part about this is, you typically won't know unless you use the case pretty extensively. Most places offer a 30 day return period and I've always found that to be enough to know whether or not a case is going to stretch out. If it does, I typically return it.

I was extremely happy with the fit of the iLuv case. It didn't stretch at all and stayed incredibly form-fitting. I will stick it in another case and throw it in my bag. The skin provides even more protection for the iPad than a standard case alone, and also provides some grip. If you're looking for a nice silicon case to add to your iPad accessory collection, check out the iLuv Flexi-Clear iPad case in the TiPb iPad Accessory Store.


  • Doesn't collect lint or dust
  • Maintains its shape and doesn't get loose
  • Wraps around the front edges so placing the screen face down on a surface protects the screen
  • Provides firm grip on most surfaces and inside other cases


  • Doesn't provide protection for the screen outside of placing it face down
  • Will need another case to put inside a bag in order to protect screen

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Allyson Kazmucha

iMore senior editor from 2011 to 2015.