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The Apple Watch is more than just an accessory. It's a way to keep you connected to the real world while also helping you keep from missing important notifications. Just the same, you need to accessorize it like you would any watch. The iMore team loves to show off our Apple Watches with our favorite bands.

Serenity: Tahoe Blue Woven Nylon Band

Tahoe Blue Woven Nylon band

I could wax poetic about Apple's Woven Nylon band series all day — and I likely have, if you string together my multiple reviews of the bands on iMore. They're lightweight, absorb sweat without staining or feeling gross on the skin, and Apple offers them in a variety of multicolored options. While I'm currently rocking the company's Pride woven nylon band, I have a soft spot in my heart for the Tahoe Blue look: It's a tri-blue band that goes well with just about anything, and it's named after one of my favorite lakes in the High Sierras.

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Cella: Hermès Double Buckle Cuff

Hermes Cuff

I'm not normally someone who rocks an Apple Watch, but the minute I laid my eyes on the Hermès Double Buckle Cuff, it was love at first sight!

The band is so beautifully designed and the rich brown leather makes it the perfect casual or going-out accessory. Plus Hermès has been one of my favorite luxury brands for years alongside Louis Vuitton and Chanel, so seeing such a high-end band — with such a different design — available for the Apple Watch was super exciting.

I hope that more high-end designer brands come out with bands for the Apple Watch in the future (give me that classic LV pattern, bay-bee!)

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Joe: Midnight Blue Classic Buckle

Midnight Blue Classic Buckle

Being a fan of more muted colors when it comes to the things that I wear, Apple's Midnight Blue accessories have been some of my favorites. I also love the feel of the leather band more than the Sport or Woven Nylon bands that I own, and it's easy to wear all day. The leather band also helps the Apple Watch feel more like a classic watch than a device you strap to your wrist — at least to me.

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Lory: Catalyst Case for Apple Watch


Catalyst makes fantastic waterproof cases for Apple products and the Apple Watch gets the protection treatment, too. It's made with a polycarbonate casing with a silicone waterproof seal that covers the back and sides of the actual Apple Watch but makes it possible for you to continue using your heart rate monitor. The case wrap seals around the screen, leaving it exposed so you can perform touch functions uninhibited. The band is made from silicone, so it's significantly less bulky than other rugged Apple Watch bands (though, it is still bulky). I know you're thinking, "But the Series 2 Apple Watch is already swim-proof," and you're right. But the Catalyst makes it waterproof up to 330 feet, so you can actually take it scuba diving.

The Catalyst for Series 0 and 1 is only available for the 42mm Apple Watch. The Catalyst for Series 2 is available for both the 38 and 42mm Apple Watch. It costs $60 and comes in a variety of colors, depending on the size and series you buy, including my personal favorite: glow-in-the-dark (which is $70).

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Mikah: Black Woven Nylon

Black Woven Nylon

I have the Space Gray Apple Watch and I absolutely love it, but it tends to limit the number of Apple Watch bands that I personally feel look good with the graphite case color. There are days when I'm OK with going against my better (read: minimalist) judgment by slapping on a wildly colored band, but I stick to the darker, simpler colors for the most part.

That's why I love the Black Woven Nylon band. It's the perfect blend of black and silvery-gray and it perfectly compliments the look of my Space Gray Watch. I've also always loved nylon bands — they're breathable, non-irritating on the wrist, easy to clean, and less rigid than leather (at least when it comes to a brand new leather band). The Black Woven Nylon band is my default Apple Watch band. It's the one I wear almost always, with other bands filling specific roles based on my activities. If you're looking for a simple, understated, comfortable band for your Apple Watch that's (IMHO) better than the Sport band that comes with the Space Gray Apple Watch, this is the band for you!

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Luke: Anthracite/Black Nike Sport Band

Anthracite Apple Watch band

I tend not to wear my Apple Watch every day, but I always wear it when I workout. Three times a week I hit the gym, and after about 20 or 30 minutes of strength exercises, I hit the treadmill, bike, elliptical, or the track and I blast through a good 30 to 40 minutes of cardio. This means I sweat, a lot!

In my opinion, the Anthracite/Black Nike Sport Band is just a bit better than the classic sport band that Apple offers when dealing with sweat. The air holes help keep the skin under the watch band much drier and I haven't experienced any discomfort when I'm in the middle of a long run.

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Mike T: Midnight Blue Sport Band

Midnight Blue Sport band

I don't wear an Apple Watch, but I had one for a short time and it came with the Midnight Blue Sport Band. I'm a simple man and I like things done simply. That's the beauty of the Sport Band. It's durable enough to last as long as you need and the deep blue color pairs very well with any color Apple Watch.

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Note: Rene Ritchie wanted to participate in this roundup, but was unable to choose his favorite from his very large collection.

How do you show off your Apple Watch?

Do you have a favorite Apple Watch band — or possible multiples — that you were on special occasions? Show it off in the comments.

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