iMovie for Mac gets dressed up for OS X Yosemite

Now that OS X Yosemite is rolling out to everyone we're seeing app updates galore start to roll in. Apple's own iMovie is among the first batch and with version 10.0.6, which is rolling out as we speak, things have been given a full makeover in line with the visuals of Yosemite. So it looks pretty sharp.

Beyond the looks, which we love, Apple has also added some new features in there, some of which are again in line with new stuff from Yosemite. Here's the full changelog:

  • Updated look for OS X Yosemite
  • New file export options including Custom H.264, ProRes, and Audio Only
  • Share any video frame as an image
  • Email HD video with Mail Drop when signed in to iCloud
  • Select a portion of a clip in the timeline by dragging across the bottom of the clip
  • Adjustments Bar is always open for easy access to audio and video tools
  • Improves performance on older Mac computers
  • Addresses reliability issues with copying and pasting certain adjustments
  • Support for Indonesian, Malaysian, and Vietnamese
  • This update lets developers create app previews for the App Store, including:
  • Support for iPhone and iPad screen recording videos captured with QuickTime Player
  • 11 animated titles designed to showcase apps in action
  • Share option to easily export for the App Store

The bottom few in particular look great for iOS developers. With iOS 8, Apple finally allowed video previews into App Store listings, so we're sure there's going to be a number of developers out there happy to have an easy way to get them done.

The update is pushing out right now through the Mac App Store and you'll find it at the link below.

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  • Haven't all OS updates been free for a while now?
    I've been going through the house and our business machines updating them and even our 2011 MBAs, '10 & '11 iMacs and '12/'14 rMBPs. I believe my wife's Air is 2010 vintage and came with Snow Leopard! Seems like the only time I paid the fifteen dollar charge was SL-->Lion (10.7) & only for that specific rig. Each of the others has been gratis.
    Both ios and OS X updates for the past four years ....or are there situations one would still have the 'pay'?
  • Still has a price attached in the store so it's a duty of care to tag that with the download link. Agreed for most people it's been free for so long now but you can never be too careful :)
  • iPhoto has a compatibility update too