Indie World Showcase: Everything announced during the April 14 event

Road (Image credit: DigixArt)

Every few months Nintendo puts together a short presentation giving Nintendo Switch owners several upcoming indie games to look forward to. The most recent Indie World Showcase was a 20-minute event that took place today, April 14 at 9AM PT/12PM ET. Here's everything annouced during the presentation. I wouldn't be surprised if some of these go on to become the best indie games of all time.

Every game mentioned during the April Indie World Showcase

Here are all of the games mentioned during the Indie World Showcase in the order that they were presented.

Road 96

It's a procedural narrative game created by DigixArt where players take on the role of teenagers. You're decisions will greatly affect what happens in the story. It comes to Nintendo Switch later this year.

Aerial_Knights Never Yield

Aerial Knights Never Yield (Image credit: Aerial_Knights)

This is a 3D sidescroller where players control Wally as he jumps, runs, and dashes through platforming areas using his acrobatic prowess. The game releases on May 19, 2021. A demo will be available on Nintendo eShop later today.

Last Stop

Last Stop (Image credit: Annapurna)

Annapurna Interactive's supernatural adventure game has players exploring three stories that tie together. It releases July 2021.


Hindsight (Image credit: Annapurna Interactive)

Peer into memories and futures in this artistic game published by Annapurna Interactive. It will come to Nintendo Switch later this year.

OlliOlli World

Olliolli World (Image credit: Roll7)

Go on random roadtrips with your friends in order to find sweet places to skate with Roll7's upcoming skateboard game. It will come to Nintendo Switch this winter.

The Longing

The Longing (Image credit: Studio Seufz)

In Studio Seufz's upcoming title, you play as a shade servant who's waiting for your king to reawaken. However, it's going to take 400 days for that to happen. Pass the time by exploring and completing puzzles. It releases on Nintendo Switch later today.

There is No Game: Wrong Dimension

There Is No Game Wrong Dimension (Image credit: Draw Me a Pixel)

Created by French developer, Draw Me a Pixel, There is No Game: Wrong Dimension is a point and click that focuses on solving puzzles in a fun comedy adventure. It releases on Switch later today.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge

Tmnt Shredders Revenge (Image credit: Tribute Games)

Tribute Games took inspiration from classic TMNT fighting games in order to create this modern arcade-style fighter. Play as Donatello, Michelangelo, Raphael, or Leonardo as you take down the Foot Clan. It releases on Nintendo Switch later this year.

Cris Tales

Cris Tales (Image credit: Modus Games)

Dreams Uncorporated and SYCK's game draws inspiration from JRPGs, but is unique in that it employs timetravel. For instance, you can make your enemies younger and thus easier to defeat. It releases on Nintendo Switch on July 20.

GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon

Getsufumaden Undying Moon (Image credit: Konami)

Fierce boss battles and challenging dungeons are coming your way in this hack and slash adventure developed by GuruGuru. It comes to Nintendo Switch in 2022.

Aztech Forgotten Gods

Aztec Forgotten Gods (Image credit: Desarrollos Tecnológicos y de Entretenimiento S.A. de C.V.)

Lienzo's game mixes Aztec mythology with modern technology as you take down massive dieties. It comes to Nintendo Switch Fall 2021.

Skul: The Hero Slayer

Skul The Hero Slayer (Image credit: SouthPAW Games)

SouthPAW Games turns the cliche format of a hero fighting hordes to defeat a demon king on its head. Instead you play as a lowly skeleton out to rescue your demon king. Switching your head out gives you new abilities. It comes to Nintendo Switch Summer 2021.

Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals

Oxenfree 2 Lost Signals (Image credit: Night School Studio)

A sequel to the popular supernatural mystery graphic adventure is coming to Nintendo Switch sometime in 2021. Little was actually announced as this was mostly a teaser.

Additional games

These indie games were announced in quick succession:

  • Art of Rally - Coming this Summer
  • KeyWe - Available in August
  • Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective - Available this Spring
  • Weaving Tides - Available this May
  • The House of the Dead: Remake - Coming later this year
  • Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights - June 21
  • Beasts of Maravilla Island - Coming this June
  • FEZ - Available later today

Indie World Showcase April 2021

There are so many awesome games to look forward to! We can't wait to check them all out when the release in the upcoming months and years.

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