Infinity Blade 2 announced, arrives December 1st

Seemingly repeating the steps of last year, Epic games has just announced Infinity Blade 2 for iOS just in time for the holiday season. While on stage demoing Mike Capps from Epic made to sure to let everyone know what they'll be bringing with Infinity Blade 2:

"We're going to show you visuals that you've never seen on a mobile device."

Needless to say, we're pretty sure a lot of people will be downloading this when it is released on December 1st

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  • give a shit?
  • Don't give a shit.
  • another shit excuse for apple to try and force upgrade people to a phone thats not worth its price. Just like Siri a gimmick. Thats right, Apple forcing people to upgrade from 1 generation old products. Poor show.
  • Force? Uhm...haven't seen anybody with a gun aimed at anybody's head on the iPhone lines yet.
    On the other hand, most people are on 2 year contracts, so they either aren't upgrading from their iPhone 4 or they are upgrading from a 3gs, which upgrade from 1 generation but from 2.
    Me? I'm happy with my iPhone 4 and 15 months into my contract...I'm upgrading when the next iPhone comes out, once my contract is done.
    Oh! An siri? A gimmick is something that is fake and useless...if siri is half as useful as it looks on that vid, it's a game changer...I know I love to voice dial when I'm driving, and that I do actually park when I need to text somebody or search for something online...therefore, siri will be useful for more interrupting my trips :)
    So...because it's not something YOU want don't think it's something nobody wants...I'm pretty sure it will still be the most sold single model of cell phone of the next 12 months.
  • but it is forceful. Why wouldnt Siri not be compatible on the iPhone 4? Just like ios4. Majority of users that still remain on the iphone 3g the performance is just shocking forcefully hinting to upgrade.
  • So, you still have a computer that is 3 OS generations old and behaves like new with the latest OS? Never seen that one, not even with linux. (that's like saying that your "made for xp" laptop works with windows 7 like if it where an i5 or i7 laptop).
    As for Siri...all I can say is that AI stuff is processor heavy...hell, lisp is a killer on slow hardware, and that's old old old AI stuff...I'm betting Siri will be slow as molasses when the jailbreakers activate it on iPhone 4 (which they will)...if it's faster to park and type than to dictate a text, then it's useless.
    So...I still haven't seen the gun.
  • Not mobile related. But im pretty sure Windows 7 is praised for its backwards compatibility for users on 4-6 year old hardware, and is still able to take advantage of the majoritys available on the OS.
    Voice recognition software is still along way off from being anywhere practical in real life scenarios especially at consumer level. I'm pretty sure google released a beefy article about voice recognition and its limitations and how its along way off still from being practical.
    But your right I dont see no gun either.
  • *majority of features
  • Weird...can't reply directly to your reply to me.
    As for windows where talking speed, not only compatibility...ios4 runs on iPhone's just slow as hell...and same with windows 7 on an athlon64 with half a gig of installs...but is slow as hell.
    The thing here is that you are trying to get Apple to treat your 3-generations-old phone as if it where do realize that 90% of the android phones get not a single upgrade, right? same with blackberry and windows phones? the only phone maker that offers OS upgrades for their old phones is Apple...yes, they aren't full featured...but you are getting them.
  • "they" arent forcing anybody... God... Did you know apple is the only company that releases only 1 phone a year! Haters gonna hate...
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