Ingress celebrates two year birthday with new monthly event 'First Saturdays'

Real-world adventure game Ingress will be celebrating its second birthday this year, and it's doing so in style. Google's Niantic Labs, which runs the game, will be kicking off the celebration with a new monthly event series called "First Saturdays" which will serve to bring new Ingress "agents" into the fold. The events will run simultaneously in 120 cities across the world, and will be entirely player-driven.

The first of these monthly events will kick off on November 1st. However, starting tonight a special program will run for two weeks where agents will earn double AP points, triple rewards for portal hacks, and exclusive medals for reaching certain levels by November 15th.

For those unfamiliar with real-world gaming, it's a relatively new phenomenon that combines traditional aspects of gaming with real-world exploration. These massively multiplayer games combine Google Maps and GPS technology with real-world landmarks to bring a sense of adventure and intrigue to every day life.

If you're intrigued by bringing your gaming into the real world, click over to Ingress' website here and be sure to check out this nifty introduction to the game below:

Will you be checking out Ingress? Let us know in the comments how it goes for you!

Dan Thorp-Lancaster