Instagram PlaybackSource: Instagram

What you need to know

  • Instagram has launched Playback, a feature that curates Stories from 2021.
  • Users can edit and share their Playback Stories.

Photo and video-sharing service Instagram is the latest to offer some sort of 2021 recap, with its new Playback feature curating your Stories for easy sharing.

The new feature is showing up at the top of Instagram timelines everywhere, with people being prompted to view and, if necessary, edit their curated list of Stories before sharing them all over again.

The new Playback feature was first reported by The Verge with users seeing their best ten stories by default.

Instagram is getting in on the year-in-review trend with Playback, a feature that will let you relive your Stories from 2021. Instagram will share a curated Playback of 10 Stories for each user, but anyone can edit, add, or remove Stories from their Playback list via their Stories archive, which will pop up within Playback.

Instagram is one of the best iPhone apps for sharing photos and videos online, but it's surprising that the company hasn't gone with something related to its photo grid. Services have popped up to help people share their "top nine" photos in grid form, but Instagram seems to have decided against going that route itself.

Instagram says that the Playback feature should be available to everyone right now, but that it'll be going away in the next few weeks. If you're planning on availing yourself of its services, do it now — and remember to share everything for that extra Instagram clout, too!