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What you need to know

  • Instagram is now giving people more information about how their content is performing.
  • Both Reels and live videos now show more information to influencers.

Instagram has begun to show influencers and businesses more information about their Reels and live videos, giving them the tools needed to see what works and what doesn't.

First spotted by Engadget, the new 'insights' give people the chance to see how many likes, comments, and saves Reels have to their name plus additional information for live videos.

With the new insights data in place, users will be able to see how many plays, likes, comments, saves and shares their short-form Reel videos get and how many accounts they reach. For Live videos, the insights page will show the number of comments and shares they get, the number of accounts they reach and of their peak concurrent viewers.

That's not all, either. Instagram has also updated its Accounts Insights page, says Engadget.

In addition, Instagram has updated the Account Insights page, which is accessible via the pull-down menu on the upper-right corner, with more useful information. Its Reach section now divides accounts interacting with a user's content into followers and non-followers. Further, it ranks content based on reach and account type interaction to give users an idea on what's most effective for their audiences.

The more information made available to Instagram businesses and influencers, the more they can tweak their content to make sure that it hits the mark with more people. Reels and live videos have been something the social network has been trying to push people towards so it stands to reason it would also provide the information needed to make the most of them, too.

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