Intel unveils new W-2200 Xeon chips that could be added to future iMac Pro refresh

What you need to know

  • Intel today unveiled its new W-2200 Xeon chip series.
  • That new chips offer 2x faster 3D architecture rendering and 97% faster 4K video editing.
  • The W-2200 Xeon chips could be included in future refreshed models of the iMac Pro.

Today Intel took the wraps off its brand new W-2200 Xeon chip series. The new chip series is compatible with the iMac Pro, which could add the new chips as a refresh looms for Apple's most powerful desktop.

The W-2200 Xeon chips feature 18 AVC 512 enabled cores along with Turbo Boost Max 3.0, 48 PCIe lanes and AI acceleration with Intel Deep Learning Boost compatible with motion graphics, 3D rendering and visual effects.

Among the benefits Intel touts of the new W-2200 series is 2x faster 3D architecture rendering, 97% faster 4K video editing and 2.1x faster video game compile times.

As it connects to the iMac Pro, Apple currently uses Intel Xeon-W chips. However, this is a configuration from 2017 that still hasn't been upgraded. That could possibley come later this year or early next year, though no word of a refresh has been relayed yet.

Intel says the new W-2200 chips will be available in November.

Danny Zepeda