iOS 13.1 is coming September 24, not September 30 as previously expected

What you need to know

  • Apple is releasing iOS 13.1 on September 24.
  • Apple had previously stated the software update would be released on September 30.
  • The new update will fix a lot of the bugs affecting iOS 13 along with adding a few new features.

Apple is releasing iOS 13.1 on September 24, not September 30 as it has previously stated. Wired's Lauren Goode revealed the revised release date on Twitter just as Apple released iOS 13 to the public.

Unlike past years, Apple began testing out the first major iOS 13.X update before it had released iOS 13.0. The reasoning for this was simple: the new software was and is still riddled with bugs. Instead of fending them off with minor updates, Apple is rolling out a major update just five days after the release of iOS 13.

Public users can download iOS 13 now, but iOS 13.1 is just around the corner. It offers the question as to whether users should wait, which is certainly warranted, but that will be up to the discretion of iPhone users.

If you're ready to get iOS 13 with its fancy new Dark Mode and other new features, you can do so. But if you aren't in such a rush, it might be more prudent to wait five days for iOS 13.1 as it should be a lot more stable.

How to download iOS 13

Danny Zepeda