iOS 14 conceptSource: the Hacker 34

What you need to know

  • A stunning iOS 14 concept is making the rounds online.
  • It was created by the Hacker 34 and revealed over on YouTube.
  • It features some stunning feature concepts including Split View, a new call screen and an always-on display.

An iOS 14 concept created by the Hacker 34 has surfaced on YouTube, and it looks like the iOS we've always dreamed of.

Picked up by Cult of Mac, the slick Apple-Esque promo video features several very exciting features including; new icons, a redesigned call screen, keyboard GIFs, Split View, and drag and drop. Another feature includes switching between multiple Apple ID accounts, simply by swiping between them in settings. There's a crisp always-on display, complications for your Lock screen inspired by Apple Watch, and settings to change your default apps for browsing, messaging, navigation, music and more! The final touch is the ability to place apps anywhere on the Home screen, rather than consecutively as is currently the case.

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Often, concepts like this usually just lead to raised eyebrows, or the features are so outlandish that they are consigned to remain pipe dreams forever. However, this particular concept incorporates features already in use across Apple's software spectrum such as Split View, Complications and an always-on display, the rest is really just changes to the user interface. So not only is this concept a fantastic idea, it's actually quite realistic too.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think! Which of these features is your favorite? And which would you most love to see in the next version of iOS?