Just a quick update on some freshly released iOS 4 goodness today. As you know, Ally has been watching the App Store for iOS4 compatible updates and if you guys find anything especially awesome, feel free to leave it in a comment or send it to her in an e-mail (ally (dot) kazmucha (at) tipb (dot) com) and if we think it's awesome too, we'll include it in our next roundup!

1Password Pro

If you're a 1Password desktop (Mac or Windows) user with a Dropbox account, 1Password Pro's latest version is nothing short of a revelation. Just open it up, log into your Dropbox account, and all your passwords and secure data are automagically synced to your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch over the air (OTA). This is the big one. This is what all Todo, Notes, and every other app that should be everywhere needs to do, with every major online storage option. It's the future.

Oh, and it looks great on Retina Display and works great with iOS 4 fast app switching as well too.

(And yeah, there's even an Android version now for those who dual-wield).

[$14.99 - iTunes link]

Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictation

Sure, iOS 4 still lacks universal voice integration but luckily... wait for it... there are apps for that. Dragon Dictation is one of the big guns and it's just updated to include Facebook and Twitter support, send text to the clipboard and paste into SMS. It'll also be coming to the UK soon. (They've figured out brogue, apparently).

[Free - iTunes link]



App Advice's BargainBin lets you set a price for an app (including free) and then alerts you when the app drops to that price. So, for example, if you know holidays usually beget sales and there's a game that's been just a bit too expensive for your tastes, you set it up in BargainBin and if it drops to your sweet spot, you'll know about it and you can go get it. (And if you're cheeky enough to have set BargainBin itself to free, here's you're alert -- it'll cost you nothing for a limited time).

[Free on sale - iTunes link]

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