iOS 4 Folders open

Noticing any bugs or problems with your iPhone or iPod touch post-iOS 4 install? Got any iOS 4 issues? Well, we've got 11-pages of them being reported and trouble-shooted over on the TiPb iPhone Forum iOS 4 bugs thread -- everything from Google sync woes to pixelated pictures to missing apps to bloated "other" partitions to... well, go check it out for yourself.

We'll also repeat our standard advice:

  • Delete and re-sync any data or content (like pictures, movies) that seem buggy.
  • Remove and re-add any services (like email accounts) that are causing issues
  • Uninstall and re-install any apps that are giving you problems

And if all else fails, there's the nuclear option:

  • Restore your iPhone clean (i.e. not from backup).

It's a huge pain in the @$$, especially if you have tons of settings to re-tweak and content to re-sync (and if a lot of your data doesn't live in the cloud, but when a whole new version of the OS comes out, it can sometimes be your last, best hope for a fix.

Before you consider anything drastic though, get over to the TiPb iPhone Forum official iOS 4 bugs thread and see if the experts there can't help get you sorted first.