iOS 4 GM seed now live, app submissions begin June 10

Apple has released the 378MB Gold Master (GM) seed for iOS 4 (formerly iPhone OS 4) and it's now available to developers via (after you agree to the new terms of use). Apple has also announced that developers can begin submitting iOS 4 compatible apps to the iTunes App Store beginning June 10.

So let's get going devs, we know you're going to amaze us!

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Rene Ritchie

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  • Lets rip this thing apart and see what Apple left out of the Keynote
  • Can someone tell us if iOS4 allow you to customize text alerts please.
    I know, there is a jailbreak for that but I'm not really a "power user" so I rather not jailbreak just for a simple feature like that.
  • Submissions begin June 10?! I thought they'd already begun! This is really bad news. It means that when I download ios4 on June 24th, excited about multitasking, I won't even be able to use it properly cos only half my apps will support it. 2 weeks is not enough time for apple to approve all the ios4 ready apps. Stupid decision by apple!
  • Does anyone know's when the iOS4 will be aveilable for iPad??
  • Pandora better run in the background on June 24th...
  • I could have sworn I saw a screenshot on today's keynote that stated Gold Master Candidate. Torrenting now anyways...
  • @if10w: This fall according to his previous keynote previewing iOS4
  • @Matt
    That is plenty of time! We all know that 95% of apps are approved within a week, and that Apple only rejects apps for 1) failure to work as advertised, 2) using private APIs, or 3) crashing. Yessiree, that's it! Everything else is let it. Editorial cartoons use private APIs! Google Voice crashes the phone! Briefs does both, and does not actually produce mockups, besides!
    Sorry, most of the keynote was good stuff, and I'll be plunking down my cash to replace my 3G, but these and a few other, hmm...what? Exaggerations? Bald faced lies? really got some people (including me) a bit riled up.
  • Can someone help me...i have the 3.1.3 software on my phone and im trying to put the ios 4 gm on there and when it goes through the steps it then gives me a error code saying that it could not be restored. This device isn't eligible for the requested build?? Can anyone help me? i have already downloaded the itunes 9.2
  • @ Bryan. Are you a registered developer? Or are you on the list of a registered developer? If not, you can not activate beta software or firmwares on your phone.
  • @Brenden. yeah i am a registered developer i have put the other os 4 betas on my phone so i dont know why this one is any different
  • nevermine its working now :D
  • i have itunes 9.2 and downloaded the ios4 gm for 3gs but itunes isnt syncing my ringtones... anyone else having thi problem?
  • also my iphone besides ringtones isnt syncing all of my apps and isnt syncing any photos either even though i have everything set to sync in itunes.
  • all of the sudden my apps and photos are back....weird....ringtones still arent......maybe because im still waiting for the uber large sdk to download?
  • finished sdk download and synced again....fixed all problems :)
  • I saw some new features that I haven't seen yet in other tech blogs (well, the ones i frequent visit) this might have been mentioned earlier but I can't read through all the comments so...
    **If you go to settings>international, you would see that you can chage the calendar format from 4 settings (Gregorian, Japanese, Buddhist, Chinese)
    **Notes can be synched to you MobileMe account when you go to email setting (assuming you have a MobileMe account)
    **You can check/uncheck the Calendars that you want to appear on the Calendar app instead of just going to them individually. You also have the option to hide all calendars.
    **Voice Memo icon has a slightly different look. (or maybe it's only the effect that my wallpaper does to some icons. LOL)
    So far, those are the only subtle changes that I've seen plus the Major ones.
    PS: MMS is working for my phone, tried multitasking but it seems it "not" really working yet on the 3rd party apps. (maybe because the 3rd party apps are not yet configured for real multitasking)
  • plus, I had an issue with my photos after the update. Quality became degraded. you may need to re-sync your photos again. Mine looks ok after re-synching.
  • Can't get my iOS4 GM to install. Have iTunes 9.2 beta, but always looses connection to my phone during backup and sync.
    Guess I'm going to have to wait until the 21st.
  • Just want some clarification, is this an earlier release for Developers of the iOS4 that will come out on the 21st or will there be changes still on the iOS4 that will go live 2 weeks from now.
  • @Bryan D
    I also have the same problem. It's not syncing my ringtones. What did you do to get it back in sync?
  • @Carl, Same problem here...;(
    Think we have to wait for the official release, just 2 weeks
  • @Carl
    Funny, I didn't have a problems with mine, using restore or update.
  • i had to but my ring tones in the right folder with in itunes for it to sync im still having problems it put all my photos under other lol any ideas
  • @Bryan D
    I've downloaded and installed the SDK. But no avail. What did you do exactly?
  • Just to share with you guys, I got it!! I found it was an incompatible iTunes plugin (in my case it was iToner from Ambrosia) check in ˜/Library/iTunes/iTunes Plug-ins and remove it from there. =)
  • This may be a dumb question but will developers have to code so the app use a save state? I have been using iOS 4 for a couple days and all the apple apps save their state but no other app does is this because apps that use 4.0 API haven't been submitted yet?
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