We’ve been keeping our eye out as more iOS 4 app updates keep hitting the App Store filled with multitasking, state saving, Retina Display-ing goodness.

Hit the jump to see some of the latest we’ve found!

BeeJiveIM with Push 4.0

One of the best IM clients on iPhone gets better with:

  • iOS 4.0 compatibility. Background support for iOS 4.0 devices.
  • iPhone 4 compatibility. Enhanced image resolution for Retina Display.

[iTunes link - $9.99] BeeJiveIM for iOS 4 and iPhone 4

iHound 3.0

We spoke with iHound back at Macworld and now their already solid location tracking service has been beefed up:

If your device supports multi-tasking, then it checks in with the iHound server every 10 minutes, and the following new features become available for you in your Security Dashboard at www.ihoundsoftware.com:

  • PowerSave Tracking: Your device determines its location, transmits to the server, then shuts down until the next check-in.

  • Full On Tracking: Your device's GPS will run continually as iHound transmits to the server every 30 seconds.

  • Siren: Plays a siren alarm on your device. It will not quit until you shut it off from the web site.

[$3.99 - iTunes link]

iHound for iPhone 4 iOS 4

Line2 2.4

No Google Voice app on iPhone? No problem, Line2 offers many of the same services, some extras for business, and now background support so you can use it like a real phone replacement. (Requires Line2 service).

  • Receive calls while Line2 is in the background
  • Continue talking on a call even when you switch away to another app

[Free - iTunes link] Line2 for iOS 4 and iPhone 4

Omnifocus 1.7

They had us at the purple brush-metal icon.

  • In preparation for the new high-resolution display on iPhone 4 we've refreshed all of the artwork in OmniFocus. We hope you like the new look!
  • OmniFocus now uses local notifications to present due alerts when running on iOS 4 or later, so you can receive alerts for due tasks even if you're not syncing with a server. (Synced calendar alerts are still available for devices which are running earlier versions of the operating system.)
  • OmniFocus is now a multitasking-aware application, allowing it to be quickly suspended and resumed on iOS 4.
  • OmniFocus can complete some operations in the background on iOS 4, such as optimizing its database.
  • The Completed perspective now includes items from completed projects, not just active projects.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented audio from recording in OmniFocus 1.6.5.
  • Fixed a crash when tapping "Save" while audio recording was still in progress.

[$19.99 - iTunes link] Omnifocus for iPhone 4 iOS 4

PCalc 2.1

If it's beyond 2 + 3 = apple, it's beyond me but smart mathamagicians like Leanna tell me numbers are good and PCalc has consistently been one of the best. Now it's better. And sharper.

  • Added support for iOS 4.0 and fast app switching.
  • Added support for the Retina display on the iPhone 4.

[$9.99 - iTunes link]

Pcalc for iOS 4 and iPhone 3

That’s what we’ve found so far, but if you find any you think deserve a post-up let us know in the comments or send us a tip!

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