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iOS 4.0.1 coming today? is claiming they've heard Apple will release iOS 4 later today. They've gotten that kind of stuff right before, and Apple does have an iPhone 4 press conference scheduled for tomorrow, so the timing would make some sense. iOS 4.0.1 being released would mean the changes to the way bars are shown and reported in the developer beta for iOS 4.1 would be public and could be stated as such by Apple.

It would be a couple weeks earlier than Apple's usual end of July/beginning of August iOS x.0.1 update cycle, but likely welcome by those suffering proximity sensor issues and other iOS 4 bugs.

Ping us if you're iTunes catches an update.

[ via MacRumors]

Rene Ritchie

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  • I really hope it fixes te proximity sensor issue. I muted calls with my cheek twice yesterday.
  • wonder why fresh restore to a new phone fixes the proximity issue for some people but others it doesnt.
    I initially had the problem but ever since i did the restore has never come up again.
  • Great a faux fix for the antenna problem! And a press conference tomorrow to convince you otherwise.
  • Was under the impression 4.1 was supposed to have the signal strength fixes from reading other sites.
  • well going from a 3gs or whatever , you should always do a new phone setup. its a new phone.
  • Let the count down begin...... I'll be checking every second now. This shouldn't be a very productive day...
  • Not sure why they would release today and have the press conference tomorrow unless this release fixes everything including the oil leak in the Gulf. If so, buy Apple stock today.
  • @Dan
    I agree about restoring to new when changing phones but Apple really should separate the app data in the backups so this would be a non issue.
  • hahahahaha ^^^
  • I think tomorrows conference will be about the white iPhone, maybe it will be delayed who knows, and also they will adress the antenna issue.
  • Is this TiPB or the dating game?
  • For proximity sensor issues you might need a replacement. I saw the Giz article and I went in yesterday to get my phone swapped. I looked for the proximity sensor on my old phone and couldn't find it but on this new phone I spotted it at first glance. I however still have the antenna issue. I haven't made a call so I don't know if the Proximity sensor issue is actually fixed with this replacement.
  • Just don't use your iPhone as a phone. Not a big deal.
    Sent from my iPod Touch 4.
  • Glad the good ol' USA is beta testing before iPhone4 get released in Canada. All these issues should be fixed by then!! Thanks!
  • Ouch that was brutal DeathGrip...but true. I guess i got lucky. I have not had any problems whatsoever with my iPhone....but me not having problems doesn't make others go needs to be fixed and be consistent
  • What did Apple know and when did they know it?
    And did AT&T tell them?
  • If that's the only thing they are "fixing" then they can keep the update. I like seeing my 5 bars right where they are, thanks. Now the proximity sensor, I might update for. I'm really enjoying the phone, but all this problem talk is putting a damper on my fun. This is still the best phone I have ever had and I'm not returning it.
  • @speed steve does a recall and instead of fixing phones he just sends them to Canada with a note inside that says "y'all don't matter eh!". America gets all new coated phones that work.
    But for real there needs to be an update, since 4.0 I haven't had YouTube work or alerts for any app like facebook, aim, AT&T my wireless etc. I even restored to new.
  • When restoring to new, what exactly do you lose? A sync won't restore everything?
  • I just hope this STOPS PEOPLE and main Stream Media From B****ing.
  • I have Had no issues with my iPhone 4, I guess this news is good to me so I can get that much closer to a jailbreak :)
  • All I can say is they better do some fancy talking tomorrow. With all these links to all the bad PR they are getting, it really isn't pretty for them.
  • Haven't had an issue with the proximity sensor. Nor have an issue with the signal strength while using the Bumper (which I rather like)
  • Steve: Holding a press conference Friday.... and we're not going to hold it wrong.
  • iPhone 4 is a revolutionary, magical product. Why? It can make your reception disappear like never before.
  • The way Apple handles things in the past they will more likely act like there hasn't been any bad PR and that no one is actually talking bad about the iPhone 4 lol. Seriously Apple acts like the govt in some ways with the whole plausible deniability and whatnot.
    I bet tomorrow they just mention all the so called issues in passing like it's not a big deal, praise the magical, phenominal, spectacular, amazing, wonderful, best smartphone on the planet iPhone 4 as the marvel that it is. And how so Manu iPhone 4 users love it etc etc.
    And oh by the way we are going to do something that is even more phenominal and amazing and magical that no one has ever done before for our iPhone 4 customers. And then from there we will find out what the magical, amazing, spectacular, stellar thing they will for iPhone 4 customers lol.
    Aside from all that. Where I live there is definitely a weak signal. And when I even so much as put a flesh of finger on that band on the lower left hand side. The signal nearly crashes. Other than that the phone works pretty well. No proximity issues for me or yellow screen or anything of that sort. It's a really nice phone except for the reception problem.
    I've bought a form fitting case for it. Couldn't bring myself to get one of those bumpers. I don't like how they look. The firm fitting case came in the mail today but at my work. I'm off today lol. I have still been using my 3GS anyway so it doesn't matter. I activated my iPhone 4 so that I could test it, make sure it worked, make sure it wasn't defective. Of course mine suffers the antennae issue but that seems to be all that it suffers from.
    Than I bought a micro sim adapter and swapped the sim into my 3GS. Works like a charm. I then went to my local iPhone fixit guys and had a new battery swapped in since this battery was a year old and I decided to keep the 3GS as a back up phone. First time I ever decided to do that cause I usually sell my previous model. It's also jailbroken and works extremely well on FW3.1.2 with the 3.1.3 faker app from Cydia.
    Needless to say once the iPhone 4 jailbreak is released I will THEN make the permanent switch to my iPhone 4. However, in the oft chance that Apple actually recalls the iPhone 4 or offers some sort of program to go to a local Apple store and have currently released iPhone 4 treated with some sort of coating I will not hesitate to have my phone treated or whatever. I haven't attempted to use my new case yet. I will tomorrow. Just see how the reception issues are affected.
    But to be more direct I was curious to see how a simple piece of paper towel would make the antennae react and I pit that between my hand and the black strip. And there was no drop in service or bars. So surely the defect does exist. I performed this test alongside the iPhone app with and without the piece of paper towel. If a piece of paper towel can make a difference like that this has to be a real problem.
    I understand there are people not experiencing the same problem. But then I also understand that this might be because those people are in stronger signaled areas. My signal area for home and work SUCKS! So I definitely see a decrease when the band is covered by my flesh. I'm right handed though. So not too big a deal.
    I tested the iPhone 4's call quality during a rainy day and the call was clear and didn't drop. I was impressed. My 3GS more than likely would bot have survived the call. But then it has surprised me on occasion. Anyway, I've said my piece haha. Thanks for reading. ^^ ~sorry for any typos~ •typed from my iPhone 3GS•
  • "You're iTunes"?
    I certainly am not.
    Nice journalistic standards and editing work there.
  • 4.0.1 is live.
  • I think that update for today is fake. they r going to add 5 more bars to the phone so 10instead of 5 so if u lost 5 bars u r going to still have 5
  • downloading the update right now...
  • downloading 4.0.1
  • so the updated is only for some stupid bars is it worth the update them let me know please anyone?
  • Apple needs to admit the problem and issue a hardware fix. Anything short of that is nothing but deception and legal action needs to be taken. The product IS defective.
  • @gquaglia - Is it TRULY a defect, or just bad product design?
    Unless you have 100% of the people that own a product reporting the same problem, or at the very least a simple majority, I don't think you can classify it as a defect and deception.
    While I agree that Apple needs to do something, lawsuits don't solve anything other than lining the pockets of lawyers that troll for class-action lawsuits. Take a look at any class-action settlement and see who gets the majority of the proceeds - the legal firm(s) that filed the lawsuit. If my iPhone 4 was giving me issues, I'd want it fixed/replaced - and not by lining someone else's pockets.
    I've had my iPhone 4 since release day, and I've not had any problems with signal strength or dropped calls - with AND without a case. I'm not sure if that puts me in the minority or not.
  • DOWNLOADING 4.0.1 RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!
  • Got it.