iOS 4.2 coming soon for iPad... and iPhone

If Steve Jobs announced that iOS 4.2 would be coming to iPhone during his keynote a the special music event yesterday, I missed it, but that's what's new preview page says:

Look for iOS 4.2 coming in November for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.1

(That footnote reads "not compatible with all models" so likely iPhone 2G and iPod touch G1 miss out again).

What will distinguish iOS 4.2 on iPhone from iOS 4.1? Only a few things leap out at me:

  • Wireless printing, so we can shoot docs from our iOS device to a receptive paper printer. (Not word on compatibility requirements yet though).
  • AirPlay, which takes AirTunes to another level with streaming video and pictures, and should let us beam content from iPhone or iPod touch to the new Apple TV. (Perfect to take a movie to friends or family).
  • Find text on web page, finally. In Safari, easily search for and highlight specific words and phrases.

Most importantly, does this mean we'll finally see Grand Unification of iOS in our lifetimes? Have the forces of fracture failed? Developers will hopefully find out soon. Consumers get it in November.

Rene Ritchie

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