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iOS 4.2 coming next Tuesday, November 16? Delayed?

There are a couple stories floating around the web tonight involving iOS 4.2 and it's release date, with the usually reliable iPhoneHellas saying simply that it will arrive next Tuesday, November 16, and MacStories adding that it's actually been pushed back to the 16th due to iPad Wi-Fi bugs and a new GM candidate will proceed it.

For their part Apple has only ever said "November" when it comes to the iOS 4.2 release schedule.

Could next Tuesday be the day? If so, was it always scheduled to be the day or is it really a delay?

[iPhoneHellas, MacRumors, MacStories, thanks to everyone who sent these in!]

Rene Ritchie
Rene Ritchie

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  • This is getting ridiculous.
  • I agree, haven't we waited long enough.
  • @Danielle, it's a minor update. It comes with "minor" features. It isn't like Apple said "November -- is the day!" He cleary stated "November" so isn't halfway through the month somewhat reasonable? Or would the 23rd or 30th be a bit more convenient for you:)?
  • Guys. You DO want a STABLE realse of 4.2 right? Better to wait, then to have them rush it
  • Apple always said November. They never specified a date. Take a chill pill.
  • This stupid device OS is so close and comes with lots of hype.Next time I wil search more before I buy an iphone.
  • ridiculous? why? Apple said November
  • You'd be missing out. I guarantee it.
  • 4.1 is fine for me I dont care too much for 4.2
  • It's coming the 16th.... Does it really matter if it was delayed or official?
  • @Kyle, you must have an iPhone, for those of us on an iPad I would doubt we would refer to multitasking and folders as a "minor update" and "minor features". Remember this is the first iOS4 we will have available to us.
  • It may be a minor update for the iPhone, but it's a MAJOR one for the iPad! I can't wait; it's downright weird to have the coolest phone running the coolest OS, and the coolest tablet running last year's software.
    I'm excited.
  • you mean "precede" rather than "proceed"?
  • To those who have their panties in a twist over the delay; answer this.....what is so exciting in this update that you can't live without?? Seriously?
  • I say iOS 4.2 will be out on Movember 31th, midnight, Cupertino time.
  • It will come when it comes...promised to us in November so very soon. My iPad awaits it's chance to catch up to my iPhone in so many ways.
    My opinion is that the 16th was the planned date and not a delay. But what does it really matter?
  • I can understand the frustration if you're an iPad owner. But if you don't own an iPad, really? Like, suck it up. It's not that big of a deal and November isn't over yet. Sometimes people kill me. They gave a broad timeline for a reason, so you wouldn't get your hopes up for a specific day. Take a chill pill. At least they told you a month.
  • iPad owners I see the frustration iPhone owners chill out
  • Apple had couple months to repair any bugs. Why always they reapir bugs at the last moment?
  • Eh, any bug fixes involved would be nice they can take their time. If you really can't wait. Install 4.2 Gm, it runs fine and you get all those nice things you're waiting for.
  • Apple should delay and seed a new GM for the iPhone 3GS because its not fair that we iPhone 3GS users doesnt get text tones. I mean we do but not the new tones. That sucks man come on be fair Apple because its bad enough that we dont have facetime because theres no vga camera on the front
  • It's not a delay unless they release in December. People chill.
  • I don't know and kinda do care but then again what should I care for because I have iOS 4.2 installed so im good but kinda sucks for you guys
  • Well yeah, if you go by the clock, it's delayed...but if you go by the Alarm, it's right on time.
  • Man i hate people that Get on here just to tell other people how they should feel about something. Take a chill pill on that
  • I just want my alarm fixed :(
  • Keep in mind Tuesday is only a few days after Friday. We have all waited this long what's a few more days?
  • They are proud and boast about their software but it takes them 1.5 month to release the fix for a known alarm bug. I love the iPhone but absolutely HATE Apple.
  • HiP you're used to getting things in a rush. That's why you hate apple. I'd rather they take their time and release something that's not going to be ridden with bugs and barely useable. That's why apple is where they are today. The iPad has been in development long before the iPhone was even thought of. Fact is they release things when the product is as ready as they know how to make it.
  • @UnifiedTechs, AGH! Your absolutely right! But, on that same note again, Stevie did say November. And besides, the iPad should have CAME WITH MULTITASKING FROM THE START!
  • @Steve...delete your alarm settings and do a hard reset. Then reset your alarms...good as new. I had to do the same thing...shouldn't have to but, it is what it is.
  • Absolutely unreal, it is already out via the gold master which is freely available!! iTunes 10.1 beta for mac and OS 4.2 is ALREADY OUT!!! Oh what, your on windows and don't have a beta of iTunes 10.1? Get a mac using friend to install for you.
  • It is only 12 days into November. For all we know, it could be released on the last day of the month. Unless you're an iPad user, it's a very, very minor upgrade anyways. Either way, be patient. If you're not willing to wait for something to be perfected, you probably shouldn't be using Apple products in the first place.
  • There's a beta of 10.1 for windows.
  • I knew it was coming on a Tuesday and then i got my hopes up from all the rummers alest I don't have check every mint untel the 16th. SIgh i was hopping it would come today
  • Agreed, unless your an iPad user there is NOTHING worth getting excited about.
    Airprint - Unless by some miracle you have an iDevice running 4.2 and you were running the 10.6.5 Mac Beta's AND you have a compatible printer Airprint isn't happening.
    Airplay - doesn't stream video.......yet.
    There you go, unless your an iPad user looking forward to multitasking and folders.......... Nothing to see here....Move along :-)
  • It is coming.
  • no guys the news is not true.because on 8th November apple told Developers to get thier apps ready .and the 2 post in macruomurs site posted were on 2nd and 4th november way before apple started to send the email's so i think apple knew the problem but theyll release the public version with the bug fixes on 12th November :Today! be happy!!! let see wad happens!!
  • iPad= oversized iPod touch.
  • Seriously, you're al bitching over something that's not even delayed.... They said November people...... I've been waiting for Gran Turismo 5 for over 2 years...... Now that's a delay........ Get over yourselves (and yes I have an iPad too)
  • @Redux
    My 73" DLP is an oversized 13" TV. your point is?
  • Lol, is that really steve jobs? Ether way, i cant wait for this update for my ipad. Multitasking and folders will make it 80 times better.
  • It's websites like this (although I love it) that use rumours and gossip to build expectation and the inevitable let down. What ever day it comes, that will have been the date Apple decided ages ago.
  • Not too fussed about 4.2 on iPhone, though it could [apparently] breath new life into an old 3G. iPad, now that is another story and has been far too long coming. Using the iPad is not as much of a pleasure as it should be.
  • There definitely is a wi-fi bug on the iPad.
  • I have an iPad & a iPhone 4, so it will be nice once the iPad has the same features in this new iOS4.2 release. Yes I can wait. I'd prefer a good solid release then a buggy release. It felt like a step back when I got iPad as it isn't up to date with iPhone 4 so will be great once released.
    As for the comment by Rudex. I back Steve up mate. What is your point!
    Seriously I thought the same thing when the iPad came out, so I didn't get one at release. I waited 3 months to get one after playing with them over time at stores and I can tell you I have never looked back. It's almost taken over my use of starting up my laptop ( No I don't have a Mac, I have a Toshiba Satelight model laptop), these days really my laptop only gets turned on to sync my iPhone & iPad up to iTunes for updates and syncing new files and deleting etc.
    So I can tell you it's more then oversized iPod touch. Go get one or play with one and just see how much use it will take over of a laptop or iPod.
    I'm not a fanboy but I'll say my two words with something that I don't agree with. Each to their own opinion right ;-)
  • What features do we expect from this operating system
  • Who f@#€*in cares. I have had an iPhone for a long time and I do love the phone but the notification sucks ass. Come on do something with that.
  • @HaPi76 What is Movember 31st?! There are only 30 days in "November"!
  • NOT A MAJOR UPDATE? My alarm hasn't worked for a week now. This is a major problem which makes this a major update.
  • Me , i just wan't ultrasn0w for desimlock , features of 4.2 aren't major things for me ^^
  • Will 4.2 for iPad make the glass not scratch every time a mere butterfly even breathes near it?!!
  • I just hope they fixed the efing audio problems when connecting it to my car stereo through USB. Efing bull, man.
  • If the wifi bug Ccpcp alludes to is as serious as this article indicates ( ) then they had no choice to delay, as such a bug in the public release would have infuriated customers and been a huge black eye on Apple's rep.
  • Seems to me the more I read about this super duper 4.2, the more it looks like a basic bug fix, and sort of upgrade for iPad. I can't get excited about this one. All the hype that came out when first announced has lost it's Wooptie do status to ehhh I might get it may be.
  • @David's called a screen protector.
    Cost you about $1 on Ebay.
  • Any chance they'll ever make their Bluetooth compatible with the kodak pocket printer? My bb could do it a year ago. Why is it so hard to support that?
  • @ steve
    There's a huge difference between 73" and 13" the iPod touch is what like 3.5" and the iPad 11" but cost up to 3 times more? The iPod touch now has retina display and cameras. I have used one and used it plenty but still can't find a use for it.but that's just me some people might find a purpose for it.
    I don't agree with an iPad taking over a laptop.
  • I guess that when the time comes (and it seems to be coming soon) when nobody remembers how to spell the possessive "its" we'll have Apple and its non-correctable auto-correct to thank. It's a shame.
  • @Adam,
    Man, I totally agree, when i plug my iphone 4 into the usb port in my 2010 chevy malibu, it says "the device you are using is not fully compatible or something like that. It will play music but like every 10 minutes it will stop workinng and i have to unplug it and plug it back in. I didnt come from andriod to iOS for this petty bullcrap. Apple need to stop didling around and fix the REAL problems. Not saying mine is, but c'mon.