UPDATED: iOS 4.2 not installing on iPhone, error code 10?

iOS 4.2 isn't installing on iPhone for some developers if our email box and a quick search of Twitter are any indication.

It sounds like the install starts fine but then has problems during the baseband update and spits out an error code 10. That's hook it up to Xcode and restore to 4.1 language.

That's also why it's a beta for developers, folks, not for production devices.

UPDATE: Justin Horn from WhenWillApple and the TiPb iPhone forums gi

[Twitter search, thanks angry complaining devs!]

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  • HaHa!
  • No new iTunes icon?
  • Does anyone know how to fix this issue? I am a dev team member and cannot update to iOS 4.2b on my iPhone 4.
  • I got an error code 1603 while updating to 4.2. I had to do a full restore and start again.
    I'm also noticing that since my update, my phone is calling contacts when I'm using the phone at my face (as opposed to using bluetooth or a headset). This update was supposed to fix proximity problems. I didn't have them before and now I do!
  • Can you tell what Versions of Xcode and the SDK are needed? Is it Xcode 3.2.5 and SDK 4.2? This is so confusing! My iPhone is bricked.
  • @rory
    Seriously? Ur a dev team member and is having problems updating to this firmware? Wow why don't u ask musclenerd?
  • Good thing I waited to hear about stuff like this before trying to install, thanks guys.
  • I wish this would have been known earlier....I ended up having to restore my iPhone. Oh well. I will just update xcode now.
  • Another thing, did the ios just double in size from 4.1 to 4.2?
  • @Rory If you were a REAL Dev. you would be asking your Dev team. if you were a REAL Dev. you would already know you needed Xcode. this is why Apple dosent like it when people buy UDID registration lol
  • Install the xcode sdk 3.2.5 then install 4.2 b1. I had the same problem. Also, make sure your running the itunes 10.
  • Meh, just restore to iOS 4.1 in iTunes and your back in business. I made the 4.2 mistake as well--I'm on two developer lists FOR DEVELOPMENT purposes, but do not have access to their logins at this hour to download Xcode 3.2.5 and don't really care to pay $99 to Apple right now.. I'll have to wait a month or two for wireless printing.
  • Just kick it out with firmwareumbrella
  • Just about every decent printer company already has a free wireless printer app. I've been printing wirelessly from to my lexmark and my hp for the better part of a year.
  • Is there any other way to fix this problem? I have a developer registrated iPhone 4. Cant download the SDK software.
  • @Kyle M
    Your phone is not bricked. Just restore to 4.1. I hate when people use "bricked" when referring to a failed iPhone install...
  • Worked for me: Download and follow iRecovery instructions, then reboot and wait until progress bar completes. Then sync all your (still present) songs. Done? (Not sure what to look for to make sure it works beyond that it says 4.2 in About)
  • Add +1 here, tried Restore and update on two different Macs with no luck - staying on 4.1 for now.
  • hey
    i have an iPad issue
    i have the 3G version and after my install of iOS 4.2 i dont have the option to configure my APN adress for mobile internet on 3G/EDGE
    so now i only have wifi on it, D'OH
  • Hi ! Same problem when updating my iphone to 4.2beta. Will downloading and installing the latest SDK work ? i updated my ipad without the SDK, went fine..
  • Had that problem, just use iRecovery and do setenv auto-boot TRUE then saveenv and then reboot. Should take some time for the reboot but it works!
  • Did you try irecovery on a Windows pc or a Mac? I had no luck updating my iPhone 4 on windows 7 (64Bit) to 4.2 (error 10) and had to restore it to 4.1. Any ideas? Thanks in Advance and Best regards!
  • Just download and install iTunes 10.1 beta
  • Failed update here too.. Installed 4.2 Beta 2, got error 1013. After kicking device out of recovery the signal indicator doesn't work. (Stuck at one bar)..
    Really annoying, no way to reinstall the firmware without firmware. Looks pretty much bricked to me.
  • Update the itune 10.1 beta, then it will work.
  • as my name suggests i am indeed iphone illiterate
    and i too made the fata mistake of trying to download 4.2
    now i want to restore to 4.1
    but pls oh pls will someone tell me how to do that
  • whenever i try to update my iphone4 to the current 4.2 software, a message comes up saying 'the iphone software update server could not be contacted, make sure network settings are correct and network is active, or try again later'
    will someone please tell me how to solve this?
  • can somebody please help me with the issue i have referred to above, it has been ongoing now for 3 weeks.
    much appreciated to anyone that can help.
  • It's nice to read a quality article. I really enjoy lots of the blog posts on your site.
  • Sorry ppl, it seems I am not an expert as some people, but after downloading it cannot install the 4.2 software. It always gives me timed out. I read to reset/restore but can anyone give some step guide to update please.
    Would really appreciate.
  • How to solve the error iphone 10
  • You have old version of iTunes ;-)