iPad 4.2 jailbroken

It looks like hackers have had their hands on the iOS 4.2 beta 3 for iPad long enough to jailbreak it. Last night, well-known iOS hacker @iH8sn0w tweeted a picture of an iPad running MobileTerminal, a jailbreak app giving the user full access to the terminal command line interface. From iH8sn0w:

Yay! iPad 4.2 b3 jailbroken -- Weird that MobileTerminal runs in simulator

Going along with Apple's normal beta schedule, it would seem they missed the beta 4 release window this past Tuesday. This could signal that Apple may skip beta 4 altogether and go straight to a GM build sometime next week. (Maybe that's connected to the stealth developer summit Apple is rumored to be holding in Cupertino next week?)

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So what does this all mean? Once Apple releases iOS 4.2 there will likely be a jailbreak available shortly (if not immediately). No need to worry about having to wait before you upgrade to if you're a dedicated jailbreaker!

Will you be jailbreaking your iPad once 4.2 hits? Let us know in the comments!