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iOS 4.2 for iPad already Jailbroken

It looks like hackers have had their hands on the iOS 4.2 beta 3 for iPad long enough to jailbreak it. Last night, well-known iOS hacker @iH8sn0w tweeted a picture of an iPad running MobileTerminal, a jailbreak app giving the user full access to the terminal command line interface. From iH8sn0w:

Yay! iPad 4.2 b3 jailbroken -- Weird that MobileTerminal runs in simulator

Going along with Apple's normal beta schedule, it would seem they missed the beta 4 release window this past Tuesday. This could signal that Apple may skip beta 4 altogether and go straight to a GM build sometime next week. (Maybe that's connected to the stealth developer summit Apple is rumored to be holding in Cupertino next week?)

So what does this all mean? Once Apple releases iOS 4.2 there will likely be a jailbreak available shortly (if not immediately). No need to worry about having to wait before you upgrade to if you're a dedicated jailbreaker!

Will you be jailbreaking your iPad once 4.2 hits? Let us know in the comments!


  • you know i will be jailbreaking! Team Jailbreak FTW
  • Always jailbreakable, yes - but the tools need to updated and may need new exploits for the untethered part of the jailbreak.
  • Absolutely jailbreaking
  • well that was fast!!
  • One thing isn't clear to me. I thought greenp0ison and limera1n were permanent jailbreaks, or at least permanently made an exploit to allow jailbreaking. If I am right, then what is the big deal or surprise about this new jailbreak for ios 4.2?
  • All I have to say is that I want iOS 4.2 for the iPad now!
    My iPhone 4 makes my iPad look archaic - I need the folders badly.
    On my iP4 I have two pages of icons - the second page is completely folders.
    On my iPad, many more pages.
  • Wait, I thought 4.2 was for all devices except for first generation? No? (just need some type of clarification) Or is the iPad moving to 4.2 and the iPhone is saying at 4.1?
  • The question wasnt weather this would be jailbroken, its weather the userland exploit which keeps it untethered would be patched by Apple, forcing comex to either find or use (if he has one already) another userland exploit.
  • I won't actually be upgrading my iPad to 4.2.. I am an Apple dev and I have used 4.2 already on my iPad. I hate it. I like my iPad just the way it is.
  • F'sho.
  • Yes, JB is a way of life now for me :) I would really miss it if I couldn't have it! Same goes for my iPhone4. Thanks!
  • Michael. May I ask what you didn't like regarding 4.2?
  • Yes Michael enlighten us. I figured 4.2 would make the iPad just like my ip4.
  • And no. I am not jailbreaking. I am happy with what Steve works so hard to bring us.
  • No, I won't JB, I made some apps, and then I found my paid apps are free for JB users.
  • Ive been running 4.2 and the latest beta 3 is great. ive only had problems with the TED and Netflix apps crashing. Everything else is working great. Multitasking works flawlessly. Not sure what Michael is talking about.
  • Great news! Sure I will do the jailbreaking as soon as IOS 4.2 comes out! Thanks to the guys who make this happen already.
  • Excuse my ignorance, but I was wandering what are my options in regards to 4.2. I have jailbroken iPad (with Sprint). Now when the IOS 4.2 comes around, if I upgrade do I have to jailbreak again and what will happen with my apps I am already running (of course installed through Cidya).
  • Had tried iOS 4.2 GM, love the multitasking!!! Too bad no jailbreak out there I can find! Need to restore my blob and downgrade to 3.2.2 if I need to wait too long for the jailbreak! Your soonest JB release is much appreciated!!!!
  • is there a reason NOT to JB?
  • it's like buying a lamborghini and drive at speed limit.