UPDATED: iOS 4.3 coming today? 3-device personal hotspot limit up to carriers?

BGR is hearing from their sources that Apple might just release iOS 4.3 as early as today. Apple previously announced they'd be releasing iOS 4.3 on Friday alongside iPad 2 so take it with a Cupertino-sized grain of salt, however Apple has staggered release days previously to avoid everyone hitting their servers all at once. If it does come today expect the usual 10am PT/1pm ET start time.

Also, BGR says the reason many GSM carriers like AT&T will have a 3-device personal hotspot limit -- as opposed to the Verizon iPhone's 5-device limit -- is that the default is 3 but Apple will raise it to 5 at a carrier's request. Guess most haven't requested that...

Anyone going to be checking for updates today, or do you think we'll have to wait for Friday?

UPDATE: The Loop


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