iOS 4.3 features: In-app purchases always require password

iOS 4.3 means you no longer have to worry that your little ones might spend away your fortune on Smurfberries and other in-app purchased goodies. According to the Washington Post, Apple's latest iPhone, iPod touch and iPad software updates requires a password to be entered each and every time an in-app purchase is made. Under the old system iOS would remember your password for a short period of time meaning your children (or significant other!) could tap away at potentially costly in-app purchases with impunity. No longer.

However the new system doesn't help if the young hacker in your house has guessed or been given your iTunes password. So make sure you keep it secure and keep it strong (no using password as the password!)

For more see our complete iOS 4.3 walkthrough. Are you relieved by this change or do you think Apple needs to do more?

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