iOS 4.3 features: In-app purchases always require password

iOS 4.3 means you no longer have to worry that your little ones might spend away your fortune on Smurfberries and other in-app purchased goodies. According to the Washington Post, Apple's latest iPhone, iPod touch and iPad software updates requires a password to be entered each and every time an in-app purchase is made. Under the old system iOS would remember your password for a short period of time meaning your children (or significant other!) could tap away at potentially costly in-app purchases with impunity. No longer.

However the new system doesn't help if the young hacker in your house has guessed or been given your iTunes password. So make sure you keep it secure and keep it strong (no using password as the password!)

For more see our complete iOS 4.3 walkthrough. Are you relieved by this change or do you think Apple needs to do more?

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  • That's good to hear. Noob question, does anyone know how to automatically log out of app store after u finish downloading an app? My little cousin download a few apps once when i forgot to sign out.
  • Go to either the Featured or Categories section in the AppStore. Scroll to the very bottom. You should see your email address that's associated with your account. Simply tap your email address and sign out.
  • Awesome tip. save me the trouble of going to the settin to log out.
  • Very good to hear. I wish we could just disable them altogether for the kiddos. Nothing like a dev who makes a preschooler app with these in-app addons.
  • @ Frozen: Just scroll down to the bottom of the screen within the app store and hit the button that says "Apple ID: [your apple id will be here]." A notification box should pop up which will allow you to view account and/or sign out. Tap sign out and you're done.
  • I guess I should have thanks u for the tip first since u posted before homer. But thanks for the help, it's because of ppl like u that make me come back to this site. *that comment wouldve won me the iPad 2, hehe"
  • $100 for a wagon?! That's absurd compared to the iPad 2 I'm spending $500 on.
  • Another site is saying that yes, you are required to enter a password to make your first in App purchase but after making the first in App purchase you can then continue to make in App purchases from the same App without a password for 15 minutes.
    They said the only change is that you can't make an in App purchase without a password within 15 minutes from downloading another App.
    So Apple is keeping the 15 minute window even for in App purchases but the Password entered to Purchase an App does not allow in App purchases during that 15 minute window. Each App that has in App purchases requires a password to start its own 15 minute window.
  • Of course, it would be nice to be able to set login time to 1 or 2 minutes or automatically log out after a purchase is complete.
    However, what I really want is a feature that locks my 4 year old out of apps that I don't want him running. Of course he knows the IPad password, but there is no way (that I know of) to lock down apps with (say) a secondary password screen. That way, I could have Plants vs. Zombies, or a scary shooter game on the IPad without worrying if he is playing it. Not to mention what would happen if he got in to Evernote and just started deleteing things.
    Steve Jobs - put into iOS 5? Please?
  • Only way I know of is to jailbreak it and then pay for a cydia app called lockdown pro. Between that and mywi it's the only reason why I jailbreak. I love being able to set separate passwords for individual apps without having to lock my phone. Of course app developers could incorporate it in their app like dropbox and air sharing but it would be really great if apple would just add this feature in 5.0
  • What happened to personal responsibility? You can easily disable in app purchases. Would you give your kid your ATM card?
  • I think it's the parent's responsibility to not let little children play with their phone. That's lazy parenting!
  • Ok - I'm talking about an IPad, not an IPhone (I don't own an IPhone) - but nevertheless - my kid can't play with my IPad? It's a toy, an educational device, an entertainment device. Actually, it's a computer - well - a computer lite. And on a real computer, I can lock things down so my kid cannot play with them.
    If it were a video game console, I could take the games that I don't want him playing, and I could put them where he couldn't get to them.
    Heck, I didn't even get in to the fact that you cannot delete YouTube at all - and there is some stuff on YouTube that I don't want my kid to get to - but there is no way to do that either. He doesn't even have to know how to type - YouTube just suggests "related" items for him to press on. So one minute, your kid is looking at a Mickey Mouse video, and the next minute - it's who knows what.
    Yes, If I see my kid opening things that I don't want him to open, I tell him not to do it - and he'll listen. But if Steve Jobs is all about keeping the IPad safe and family friendly (no porn on iOS - and I don't disagree) - why not help keep things appropriate for different family members. Or do I have to buy a different IPad for each member of my family?
  • Theres a hack for that. I don't know If it works for this but its called iAccounts
  • Here's an idea. Don't let anyone else use your devices. I don't want to be inconvenienced because of other people's spoiled brats. :roll:
  • I hope it will be in OS 5 as well. And require a password to delete apps. (this feature should be able to be turned on/off, just like a password to get into your phone). I let my kids play games on my iPhone, but they like to rearrange the apps and delete stuff (not on purpose... but it's so easy to do since all you have to do is hold on to the app a little longer than normal, and then one more click and you delete it! and little fingers are pretty good at not knowing what they are doing).