iOS 4.3 previewed at iPad 2 event, coming March 11

VP of iOS, Scott Forstall took the stage as part of Apple's iPad 2 event to show off more features for iOS 4.3:

  • Dramatic improvements to Safari and Nitro JavaScript engine. 2x as fast as before.
  • iTunes Home Sharing so you can stream from your Mac or Windows PC right to your iPad.
  • AirPlay is improved to allow all apps and websites to support video as well as audio.
  • Personal Hotspot (iPhone 4 only). Turn your iPhone 4 into a mobile Wi-Fi connection and router.
  • Photobooth, the popular Mac app, is coming to iOS
  • FaceTime for iPad. Looks like iPhone 4.

So not much we haven't seen before in our iOS 4.3 walkthrough...

“With more than 160 million iOS devices worldwide, including over 100 million iPhones, the growth of the iOS platform has been unprecedented,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “iOS 4.3 adds even more features to the world’s most advanced mobile operating system, across three blockbuster devices—iPad, iPhone and iPod touch—providing an ecosystem that offers customers an incredibly rich experience and developers unlimited opportunities.”

But at least we got a release date: March 11 for iPad and GSM (AT&T) iPhone... but not Verizon iPhone?

Rene Ritchie

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