iOS 4.3 for iPhone and iPad in 5 minutes [video]

Here we go, everything you need to know about iOS 4.3 for iPhone and iPad in just 5 minutes -- orientation lock/mute switch toggle, multitouch navigation gestures, and Wi-Fi personal hotspot.

If you don't have a lot of time but do have a lot of curiosity, just hit the video up top, sit back and watch, and then let us know what you think in the comment below.

Note: If you're running iOS 4.3 and you can't get the multitouch gestures to work, try connecting to Xcode and hitting the "use this device for development" link. That should make the toggle pop up in Settings.

Now iPhone will be getting those gestures and iPad that hotspot... right?

Screenshots after the break!

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Rene Ritchie

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  • Like the swipe between apps gesture. Surely 4/5 finger gestures on iPhone is too difficult?
  • Agreed , what happened to cross platform consistency all of a sudden ?
  • It will mostlikely be a two finger gesture. They are talking about the next iPhone with no home button.
  • I was thinking that Apple would do three fingers for the iPhone. And since it can be awkward to pinch three fingers (index, middle, and ring), I think 3-finger swipe down would be the option to go home.
    I would LOVE these gestures on the iPhone. I constantly want a back button because I sometimes forget where I was even with fast-app switching.
  • yeah.. dats true, we'll see what's apple will doing next..:)
  • no rotation gesture?
  • When looking at Apple's comments on the swipes I'm thinking this is ready for iPad 2 and release around the same time, just a heads up for devs who may need to change any gesture recognition that could get confused. So April release anyone?
  • oh just noticed that location services is up the top instead of in general settings and I'd like to slap the person who decided to rename tethering to "personal hotspot"
  • ooh i like the swipe gesture also and agree that a 4/5 finger gesture may prove an issue for the iphone screen.
  • I would have to disagree with this somewhat. There are apps like EyDy Looper that uses 2 3 finger gestures and it works pretty good on the iPhone, once you get use to it.
  • Yeah but you see he said 4/5 finger swipe, and you said 2/3 finger swipe. I agree with both of you. It would be too difficult to navigate with a 4/5 finger swipe. I would imagine that, if implemented, Apple will go with the 2/3 finger swipe.
  • Wonder if there is a way to enable Gestures within a windows environment. Maybe using the iPhone Config tool?
  • very troublesome, u see how many times he fails to demonstrate the gesture works..... the iOS is getting more and more complex and not useful , analogy of windows vista to windows xp.
  • Well, it is the first beta release, so I am sure some things are still being worked on. Also, I notice I have better luck when my fingers are spread out a bit.
  • Rene just sucks at it. Nilay from engadget was going through it like it was super easy.
  • Remember this is a beta release. There are still bugs to work out, and we shouldn't judge this now. I think it's just presented as another option to aid in usability. I, for one, expect to use these gestures a lot. The fact that they can be disabled in Settings indicate that it's okay for people not to use them. That's the great thing about Apple products: they can be extremely simple for basic users, but there's usually a deeper layer of complexity that's accessible to advanced users if they want. Mac OS X is a great example of this. Unlike Windows and other competitors, the complexity is less obvious and resides beneath the surface, making it less intimidating to inexperienced users.
  • Anto- remember it's just beta. It's going to have a lot of bugs that will be worked put before final release.
    Rene- any word if Rogers is going to support mobile hotspot? And it will work between iPhone & iPad yes?
  • Has apple added anything to the iPhone that jailbreakers havnt already made?
  • FAIL! They are trying to copy webos since it has the best mobile navigation, but they don't want to look like they copied it, so instead they have a crappy swipe system that clearly doesn't work well, just like their "multitasking" Just wait till the HP/Palm tablets come out, then you'll see what a real tablet looks like :)
  • As a Palm Pre owner, that was my first thought, too. However, when you think about it, it is exactly how Safari has worked on iOS since the original iPhone/iPod in 2007, and webOS was announced in January of 2009, so I wouldn't say it is a FAIL or copy. They have this, as you say, "crappy swipe system" because the iDevices do not have the touch gesture area below the screen the Pre does.
    What I really wish Apple would adopt/copy is the Notification system of webOS. That will be the only thing I miss on Feb 10 when my Verizon iPhone replaces my Pre plus.
  • u should wait to see what hpalm has to offer on feb 9 first before you commit to getting the verizon iphone. i for one am hoping they announce something worth considering ditching my iphone for after experiencing my girlfriend's palm pre+.
  • hpalm hahahaha!
  • Boring. Only thing close to useful for iPhone is mobile hotspot. But I'm not shelling out any more $ to att. Fail.
  • agreed. would be an awesome feature to have but not worth extra money. u know they'll charge extra for it unless verizon doesn't. we all know verizon will once they get everyone locked to a 20 month contract... doode that's forever! they're all so evil and greedy!!!
  • verizon wont charge. i aked 2 seperate repreentatives. "will tehtering be free?" yes, it is free, said both of them. i even asked if i had to jailbreak... nope!
  • Hey Rene....Question:
    I'm on Rogers and if they enable personal hotspot would I be able to connect a wifi only model iPad to my iP4 on the 3G network?
  • James, I'll take a crack at this one since Rene probably won't answer.
    To be honest, not sure yet. That's entirely up to your carrier how and if this is implemented, but the whole point of a hotspot is that it turns your device into a wireless access point. So if Rogers adopts this feature, yes, you'll be able to connect a laptop or WiFi device to piggy back onto your iOS device's 3G connection.
  • I use MyWi 4.0 on my iphone 4 (JB) to access the net on my wifi only iPad. Works well. I would assume the "personal hotspot" would work the same way.
  • Very I interesting. Now that this 4 finger app switching is a reality and the 5 finger leap to home screen. It is just adding fuel to the fire that the iPhone 5 or iPhone 4s what ever it's gonna be called will without a doubt have a larger screen than what is currently on the iPhone now. Hahahaha that is super exciting because I have personally been waiting for something like this to show it's face. Because you all know that it will be relatively impossabe to use 4 or 5 fingers on our AVG. Size iPhone screen now! I like this idea.
  • Ok, how so do I get the referrals quick???
  • I'm seriously considering saving $100 and buying the ipad 1 now. The new ipad seems to be more oriented toward providing a better gaming platform with its processor speed and different gyroscopes, but I don't really play a lot of computer games. Also, the facetime and camera stuff isn't really necessary, as I always have my iphone on hand and can take pictures with that (and the camera looks like it will be better). For me, I'm looking at the combination of the ipad and the iphone and figuring out which tasks I am more likely to do on one and the other. Since most of what I'll want the ipad for is internet, reading, and email, while I'll use my ever present iphone for photography, maps, music, and fitness apps, I think a combination of ipad 1 (and wifi only, since my phone can cover outside of wifi zones) and iphone should do the trick. Is my logic right? Talk me into the ipad 2, please?
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