iOS 4.3 multitasking gestures for iPad won't be enabled for customers

It looks like those dreamy new multitasking navigation gestures in iOS 4.3 -- pinch to return home, swipe sideways between apps, swipe up for the fast app switcher dock -- may not be making it into the release version, as the iOS 4.3 beta 2 notes say:

This feature will not be enabled in iOS 4.3 for customers, but we are providing this preview to gather input on how these gestures work with your apps.Developers are encouraged to evaluate any existing interactions in their applications for potential sources of interference. In order to properly interoperate with multitasking gestures, applications must properly handle the following methods and notifications:

Of course anything can and will change between now and iOS 4.3's final release, but without these gestures the iPad version looks suddenly anemic compared to iPhone's personal hotspot update. And it begs the question -- if not now, when? Saving it for Scott Forstall to show off at the iOS 5 preview event in a couple months?

If you want to see what you may just be missing out on now, check out the video on our complete iOS 4.3 beta walkthrough... then sound off in the comments!

Rene Ritchie

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  • That's fine. I'll just wait the week or two it takes JB app developers to reactivate it once 4.3 is 'broke.
  • I say good. Too manysex gestures anyway. Plus this seems to be aimed for a major realse.
  • Sex gestures?
  • Sexgestures?
  • Sounds like something that belongs on :)
  • This is upsetting news. I was really looking forward to those features!
  • Lol @ sexgestures. I did that this morning in the shower
  • I can understand that. While I was excited about the new gestures at first, I quickly thought about the potential conflicts that could have with existing apps. It's good Apple is thinking of that too and talking to developers about it.
    Also, just because this isn't in 4.3 doesn't mean the iPad will be left out. This isn't just a 0.0.1 update, so there will be more than just bug fixes for the iPad. Just because the news hasn't leaked yet doesn't mean they don't exist.
  • very sad was looking forward to that, now what, jailbreak maybe................
  • So much for the free and open web! First the Google thing and now this!!
  • BRING IT BACK looks very looks very good and I'm sure that it will be much improve mutlitasking on the iPad (like doing more than one thing at a time rather than that bar of recently opened apps)
  • Bummer. Now I'll have to register as a developer and download 4.3 for my ipad
  • Pressing the home button twice isn't too much of a task - only exercise I get !!!
  • It was never the intent to bring these gestures to the customers in 4.3 It was ALWAYS about data gathering. So don't blame apple, blame all the blogs that misreported the feature.
    The gestures were pretty cool, but the problem is that it severely limited developers capabilities. With the gestures in place, it essentially limited developers to tracking only three touches. Any more than that risked being misinterpreted by the OS as system gestures. This would take away a HUGE competitive edge for apple. If nothing else, it would set the iPad back against the competition.
  • @Tom! You couldn't have said it any better! Excellent comment man!
  • I concur 
  • I agree as well. It's funny how many consumers are whining and b*tching about it, and even saying that they will install the beta for it (which won't work, since the beta's expire).
    It'd be funny to see it enabled, and then watch as they whine and b*tch that they can't play their games because of it.
  • I was actually excited for this :-(
  • I wanted this. If it interfears with fruit ninja, then it should be turned off for fruit ninja.
  • Sextures! ;)
  • THAT'S ANNOYING I mean first they take away lock orientation NOW THEY TAKE AWAY MULTI-TOUCH GESTURES GGGGRRRRRRRR they really need to get ni the habit of letti us choose whay we want i understand from there not-so -feature-packed-but-a-3-year-old-work-it front but here's an un
  • THAT'S ANNOYING I mean first they take away lock orientation NOW THEY TAKE AWAY MULTI-TOUCH GESTURES GGGGRRRRRRRR they really need to get in the habit of letting us choose what we want i understand from there not-so -feature-packed-but-a-3-year-old-could-work-it front but here's an unexplored wonder GIVE US A CHOICE!!
  • So, what's the point of having this? What the heck did I just download?