iOS 4.3 untethered jailbreak exploit handed over to Dev-Team

Developer Stefan Essen recently demoed an iOS 4.3 untethered jailbreak exploit on video. Today on Twitter, he has stated that the exploit has been turned over to the iPhone Dev-Team. He stated when he released the demo video that he had no intention of releasing a jailbreak tool himself.

What the iPhone Dev-Team will do with the untether isn't completely clear at this point, but we can hope that it allows for a untethered jailbreak in the near future under iOS 4.3. For all of you iPad 2 users out there, Stefan Essen has already stated that this exploit won't do you any good.

The iPhone Dev-Team is currently beta testing the exploit. We'll see if they decide to implement it in a tool in the near future. How many of you are waiting to upgrade and still on iOS 4.2.1?

Allyson Kazmucha

iMore senior editor from 2011 to 2015.

  • thats bada$$
  • Yes!! Finally!
  • Hope we will get the Redsnow Jailbreak soon. For latest on iPhone 4,iPad2,Jailbreak and Android visit Thanks
  • Do you mean 4.3.1? or is it the same as 4.3? I'm just waiting on that jailbreak and the unlock so can add a little value to my phone when I sell it in the future.
  • I've the same question: 4.3 only, or 4.3.1 as well? The only thing I really wish to do is "unlock" after jailbreaking, as I need to change SIM cards when traveling in Singapore and Indonesia (and maybe have to use that sim card-cropping tool) to use my mobile accounts within those countries.
  • @John I have found a website that let's you download a program that can unlock and jailbreak so here it is:
    Copy and paste the whole link okay from http to #
    Your welcome in advance :P
  • Guess he was just trying to avoid the legal issues Geo Hotz had to deal with. This was the right thing to do in that case. I take back what I said about him when he released the video but said he wasn't releasing the jb.
  • he said he'd never release the Jailbreak itself. He didn't jailbreak iOS 4.3.1 he created an untether tool for the jailbreak the Dev-Team already had. He's the man.
  • They'll probably hold it hostage for another 5 months so "They don't burn it"..
  • they have to make sure it doesn't crash your springboard every 22 seconds and what not. I'm sure they'll also implement a tool to make it easy for everyone to do. So they don't have to hear the whining by the noobs that brick their iphones trying to jb when they have no business doing so.
  • Yep, I'm still sitting on 4.2.1 waiting for the 4.3.1 JB. 4.2.1 is the first time I jailbroke so I'm curious how the upgrade process works, and how much I'll have to re-do (like organizing apps in infinifolder or settings to bitesms, etc.)
  • Basically everything will have to be redone. JB doesn't really offer a "traditional upgrade", you re-jailbreak your phone.
  • Just backup your Jailbreak data with "PkgBackup" (well worth the money) and install PkgBackup again through Cydia after updating the iOS. Then restore the backup and all your Jailbreak apps are restored again, and most of their settings as well (although not 100%).
  • Battery life is so improved with 4.3.1 on my jailbroken iPad that I would not go back to 4.3, even if it were an untethered jailbreak. Hopefully they can make it work in 4.3.1.
  • Still on 4.2.1 jb, first time to jailbreak. Not upgrading until a 4.3.1 jb is released.
    Love the capabilities on the jailbreak except the battery life is ridiculous.... drains about10% with sporadic use. Heavy use is even faster.
  • Sorry meant to say 10% an hour on sporadic use.
  • So are we talking days, weeks, months before the dev team releases something? I have never jailbroke my phone before, so I haven't really kept up with the dev team. Do they have a bad track record of taking a long time to release a jailbreak?
    Unfortunately, I upgraded to 4.3 too fast and was unaware that I couldn't revert to 4.2.1 without the proper shsh blob. Here's hoping it's days and not weeks.
  • Have iPhone 4 on iOS 4.1 jb just for MyWi, no other jb apps interest me. Waiting for untethered jb to upgrade to iOS 4.3.1. This also was my 1st jb, so also curious as to the new jb/upgrade procedure. I won't jb my iPad, don't need to.
  • Why jailbreak?
    The BEST reason is:
    (1)BiteSMS (use it and you'll NEVER go without it again!)
    Other Essential Apps:
    (3)Pandora Skip (unlimited music skips)
    (4)3G Unrestrictor (use/download apps that require a wifi connection while on 3G)
    (5)Wi-Fi Sync (sync phone with itunes wirelessly)
    (6)LockInfo (view email, call phone favorites, view notifications, & sms from the lockscreen or homescreen/in app via infoshade)
    If you only have these apps installed, your iPhone experience is MUCH MUCH more efficient and pleasurable!
    You should give them a try!
    Enjoy :^D
  • Still on jailbroken 4.2.1. Will not do any upgrade until new JB is available. Dev Team: please help us. Thanks for all of your help in the past.
  • I am stuck on 4.3.0 .... I saw that there was a 4.3 jailbreak, but didnt realize it was tetherd. Now I a stuck on this, with out any JailBreak!!! This sucks.. I need a Jailbreak please... i have som many apps i cannot use, since I lost my Jailbreak!! I am willing to pay for this!! come on!
  • lol you obviously don't pay attention to articles when reading about jailbreaks otherwise you wouldn't be whining right now about being jailbreakless lol but for the record, what is peoples problem with tethered ?? I honestly never reboot or let my phone die so there is no issue with it being tehered or not, if you wanted 1 so badly as u say you would use tethered.
  • Is there a way to Jailbreak 4.3.1 tethered? The one I tried from Redmond never works?
  • iOS 4.2.1 on iPhone 4 and iPad 1, so yes, I'd love to get the add'l AirPlay features, but other than that, it is my iPad 2 that I would love to get jailbroken, so that I can finally sell the original.
    Do we know if there is anything in the way of that in the pipeline? comex is working on something for the iPad 2 or no?
  • I don't require a jailbreak on my iPad, but it is a nice perk. However, 4.3.1 on the iPad 1 makes it amazingly good with Homesharing. I don't have to worry about resyncing it to my phone to get the latest podcasts i download (unless I plan on leaving the house for an extended period of time), I can just play over my Wifi.
    I tend to go to sleep with a gaming podcast playing in the background. My iPad 1 was at 59% last night, streaming a podcast via Homesharing. When I woke up 8 hours later, battery life was at 39%. An unplugged laptop would not be able to compete with that. :D
  • In terms of donating, when I'm buying (many) apps through Cydia, am I somehow contributing to the teams that develop the jailbreak tool? It seems like Cydia (and the jailbreak devs) should somehow contribute to the jailbreak teams, because without a jailbreak, Cydia would not exist, right?
  • Just to be clear, he doesn't have an "untethered exploit" but rather an "untether exploit" which is used to convert to an untethered jailbreak after jailbreaking with a different exploit.
  • I don't understand why people jailbreak, thereby voiding the warranty, risking stability problems and opening the door to viruses. Seriously, Allyson don't you think Android is a better fit for you? Android central is full of people who root their phones and use pirated apps.
  • lol @ Nick, you clearly know nothing about how jailbreaking works, why do you void your warranty? if you are stupid enough to jailbreak without first gathering information about the intended jailbreak and stability of it then you deserve all you get but the main point being that you restore with itunes to stock ios and it's back to how you bought it so explain how my warranty is voided and how any1 knows it's even been jailbroken lol
  • Oh I forgot 1 more thing, you impied people jailbreak solely for pirated apps, that actually isn't the case, I personally could't care less for the apps, the only reason I jailbreak my iPhone is to theme and have access to the internals and many tweaks from cydia which make the overall look and feel a much more pleasurable 1, afterall, I paid for it unlocked from apple so I want the choice to do with it as I see fit !
  • I spoke to an Apple genius who confirmed jailbreaking is risky, dangerous, voids warranty and puts you at risk for viruses. He says it also affects the general performance of the phone. He advised, 'Don't do it'
  • Good one! ^^
  • Mixing socially with people puts me at risk of viruses, stepping off the curb is risky and dangerous all which can void my "life" warranty, I guess you won't be doing any of them either lol .. Apple genius ha, my mate works in an apple store and guess what, he would disagree with you
  • What would you EXPECT an Apple associate's official response to be?!
    If you're not tight with the person, no way are they risking you, I dunno...running straight to an online forum or blog and spilling the beans on them!
    You're seriously lacking in information and perspective.
  • Nick the dick
  • i'm still on 4.1 here. haven't seen a good reason to upgrade in a LONG time. i still don't. i would like the ability to install some 4.3 specific apps and for my alarm clock to be fixed though.
  • I'm still on 4.1 too. But I miss some apps like DJAY, only available to 4.2 users Grrrrrrrrr :(
  • I'm on 4.1 as well. Never saw anything worthy of going through the hassle of upgrading. I sure hope this new exploit works on 4.3.1 so we can finally be current again. I still don't think we're missing anything that important though.
  • good news..if you look at musclenerd's twitter he says the jailbreak is rock solid 100% stable. They're just working out the kings in the process. Shouldn't be much longer now.
  • Kings= kinks
  • If thefe wont be a jb for ipad 2 then in going to return it
  • The dev team is totally full of fail. Remember that they released a video to prove they had a jailbreak MONTHS before the impending release of 4.3 essentially forced the waffling losers to finally release what is STILL labeled a Release Candidate.
    Geohot's still the only guy to release a stable, good jailbreak without bragging about it for months and then producing nothing until circumstances forced him to.
  • I'm still rockin' 4.1 on my iPhone because I totally forgot to upgrade and jailbreak it..
  • Sup people If u wanna jailbreak iOS 4.3
    Here is a download
    Your welcome in advance!
  • P.S its untethered.
  • I might give it a shot but it's just that is too much money for it