iOS 5 beta 8 coming Friday, GM coming September 28, iPhone still on track for early October?

Boy Genius says, according to their trusted sources, iOS 5 beta 8 will be released this Friday, September 16, followed by the gold master (GM) on September 28, paving the way for an early October release just like TiPb heard a while back.

If September 28 is indeed the go date for the GM seed, will Apple hold their special fall event on or around that date? Apple has often used events to announce both first beta and GM seed releases in the past, and it would leave a week or two for developers to hammer on it before an iPhone 5 release on October 7 or October 14.

We'll have to wait for Apple to send out invitations to know for sure.


Rene Ritchie

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  • I need IPhone 5 badly now my 3gs is trying its best to keep up with my everyday life but its just not good enough
  • Running iOS 5 beta on my 3GS... It's gonna get better. They really optimized iOS 5 for 3GS runs a WORLD better than 3GS on 4.3+
    You'll love it. However I'll also be getting the i5 ;)
  • I can't wait for the Iphone 5 to come out for sprint! Good bye evo 3d!!!
  • same here. provided i'm not highly disappointed after all this hype of course...
  • Same, but that is if it delevers at least 95% of what my evo 3D can do. (I'm not talking about the 3D here)
  • They don't usually do this many betas, do they?
  • Major update. Thats why.
  • And Apple still won't hurry up? Bastards. Have you told them you're tired of waiting?
  • I hope they will add new icons in the the status bar for notifications center!! That's the only missing thing i think.....
  • Hopefully in iOS5 will will start to be able to pick and choose the "home applications" we want left on the phone.
    I have zero use for the To Do or Newsstand apps and they are just going to take up space. I'd also like to get rid of iTunes, Voice Memo, and Game Center.
  • Granted, I agree, but you can hide iTunes in the restrictions.
  • You can't even hide some of the core google apps on android. What makes you think you can hide the core Apple apps?
  • We can do without the self-serving "...just like TiPb heard a while back," in every other post.
  • Enough with I bought this for that post.
    Are these scams are what?
    Enough already.
  • Yes, it even got the message text from another poster
  • Enough with the scams. Get off this board.
  • They just need to release at least the invites for the meeting already. Sheesh!
  • Same shit different day.
  • Does Apple have a mobile friendly Apple site for their mobile devices??????
  • Nope. They do have a Apple store app though.
  • Apple hates to hear this aimetti, and they are diligently working to satisfy you. You've just extended the release date so they can really tailor this device to make you happy..
  • lol
  • if this iphone 5 or 4s is the same layout and design with a few more bells and wistles they can keep there damn iphone.
  • Agreed. I need a lot more then just a few fancy copied from android new features to make me want to switch back.
  • What's with the deceiving title??? "IOS 5 beta 8 coming Friday..." You mean it's being sent to iphone 5 manufacturers. Huge difference! C'mon Rene, you know what you're doing.
  • Why would it be sent to iPhone 5 manufacturers? Apple is the one who makes the iPhone 5! The only one!
  • So they can get it produced faster kid, do ur math! they have contracts with manufactors with huge machhines that does the job quickly, if only 1 company it wouldnt get produced in time!
    "learned a new lesson today"
  • You are the one that is the kid. Your spelling and grammar errors say it all. Maybe you are the one who learned a new lesson.
  • You copy and paste my comment + scam it. immature scammers
  • So sad that those losers have nothing better to do in their lives...
  • I've said it before, there is no new iPhone coming this year. The only news us iPhone 4 will be available on Sprint soon! iPhone 4 is still, AT THIS MOMENT, the number 1 selling smartphone and the 3GS is number 2. There is no reason to release a new phone until WWDC in June 2012!
  • "There is no reason to release a new phone until WWDC in June 2012"
    Yes there is. There was no iPhone at WWDC 2011. New iPhone is coming. You better get used to it.
  • yes but it gets to the top by people people buying it and being happy with it now people arent gonna buy if they don't update it and they won't be happy with two year old technology you basically want them to see how long they can survive at no.1 without releasing anything new is a STUPID self-destructive plan that apple would never follow
  • Can't do that on android either.
  • Thousands of iPhone users would disagree with you.
  • Am waiting for the 23 Sept. and want to see the full detailed review for this.