iOS 5 feature: Tap and hold to add, move, adjust, or delete Calendar event

Reader Jorge wrote in to let us know something he found in the iOS 5 beta -- you can now tap and hold to add, move, adjust, or delete a Calendar event. The way it works is fairly simple. From the day view, or the new landscape week view:

  • Tap and hold an empty space on your Calendar and a new event will pop up. Let go and you're immediately taken to the Add Event screen.
  • Tap and hold an existing event and tiny circular handles will appear on the top and bottom. Drag one to increase or decrease the time span of an event.
  • Tap and hold and drag an event to move it up or down the time scale, or drag it sideways to move it to another day.
  • Tap and hold and then drag up to "throw away" (delete) an event.

Nothing in list or month view that we've heard so far, but very nice additions to the day and new week view. All around it can save some time for minor edits, and is much more fun than the old, menu-heavy method.

[Thanks Jorge!]

Rene Ritchie

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