iOS 5 Features: Mark email as flagged or unread

iOS 5 adds lots of big new features, but also many more small tweaks like the ability to mark email messages as flagged or unread.

When reading an email, the word Mark appears in small blue text to the right of the date and time. Tap on it and options come up to flag a message or mark it as unread. Flag literally puts a tiny red flag icon on the message to help you find it later. Mark as Unread puts the little blue dot back so you can easily find and re-read it again.

Once a message is marked with a Flag or marked as Unread, tapping the Mark text brings up alternate options -- Unflag and Mark as Read.

You can also mass mark or unmark messages using the Edit button in the mail box messages list view.

iOS 5 should be released to the public in early October.

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Rene Ritchie

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  • It has been possible to mark emails as unread since ios 3. Just show email details (hidden by default) and "Mark Unread" option appears.
  • Where can I find it? I have iOS 4.3.5, but can't seem to locate it.
  • Whtat is new is that the feature is no longer hidden.
  • What I really want it to be able to mark everything in all my mailboxes as read en mass. I hate having to run through all mail on my Mac, on my iPhone and my iPad to set them all as read.
  • What you want is email based on imap. It uses a primary server to keep all clients in sync.
  • Outlook task integration coming soon?
  • If you create a task in outlook, assuming its an exchange account, it will sync with Reminders in ios5. Although I guess this is slightly off topic.
  • Outlook task integration works in
  • Bounce. I wish iOS Mail let you bounce messages with the simulated "couldn't be delivered" message. I wish Lion Mail had that too.
  • How about adding a star for us Gmail users?
  • This is just now coming to iOS? A little late aren't we?
  • Seems logical that it would but so far, no. Device flagging only.
  • Does anyone else feel that some of these features take away from the simplicity of the interface?
  • I'm still hoping for "mark as spam" and it'll do the back end on gmail and ymail.
  • How about "DELETE" instead of "archive" for gmail accounts?
  • Go to your Gmail account in preferences and turn archive off
  • About time, now delete all mail :)
  • @Rene - Any idea (please say it's true!) if flag will translate to star in Gmail? I'm an iPhone & Gmail luver and want them to play nice, finally...
  • Any hope "flag" might translate to "star" in Gmail? I luv my iPhone and Gmail web client and want them to work together. Apple has shown it will work with Gmail by integrating the archive feature into the (yes you can disable it). Here's hoping they do it again.
  • Like someone stated earlier, "mark unread" already exists today so its not a new feature. I would also like to add attachments from within mail. Like multiple pictures for example
  • It's simple to attach multi pics. Just copy & Paste. It's been that way a long time.
  • Are you serious? This feature had been on my iPhone ever since 2009. I can see TiPb quality go down by the years.
  • Welcome to the 90s...
  • When will we be able to delete all?? I hate having to select every email to delete them.
    When I have 50 or more emails selected it starts to lag, does this happen to others?
  • Any one now the relase date of iPhone 5..
  • So… how do I now see ONLY my flagged messages?
    I dont want to scrol, and scroll, and scroll through all my email to look for flagged messages.
  • Yes I can flag it but still need to scroll through to find that flag again!
    Why no search flag function?