iOS 5 for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad now available

Apple has just released iOS 5 for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Just plug into iTunes and check for updates. Arguably Apple's most ambitious update ever, it includes iCloud integration as well as Notification Center, iMessage, AirPlay Mirroring, and a host of new features.

If you're updating now, let us know how it's going for you, and if you need help, here are your go-to link.

Rene Ritchie

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  • yeah
  • getting it now
  • Got it.
  • Downloading now, I have high hopes for iOS5.
  • Downloading now on the East Coast.
  • YAS! I was well the first to get it ! I kept clicking and got it at 6:04pm :D
  • Yippee!
    Been looking forward to this since it was announced a few months back!
    Here we go!
  • First
  • You are soooo mistaken.
  • won't even connect to server.. must be getting hit bigggg time
  • yeah i do it noooooooooooooooow wooooooooot
  • Yeah, my iPhone 3GS is updating :)
  • Hmm, I'm jailbroken on 4.3.3 and it only offers me 4.3.5. Do I need to get 4.3.5 first?
  • I'm non jailbroken on 4.3.4 and only getting offered 4.3.5 on iPad 2 UK too. Gives my time to do my backup though
  • YEAAAHH BABYYYYY!!! here we goo!! 4 mins left!
  • meeoowwww
  • Its alive(and downloading)!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Yay
  • Still showing 4.3.5 as current and no update available
  • Never mind here we goooooooo
  • same here....
    maybe it's not available right now at my region
  • click on it and 5.0 comes up!
  • Same here, as well
  • Same here, ... maybe have to do successive updates, will try ...
  • click on it and 5.0 comes up!
  • click on it and 5.0 comes up!
  • 19 Minutes Remaining
  • First
  • You sure are. Good work!
  • If you're an inactive developer, you're in trouble!!! lol
  • Downloading now, 5 minutes remaining. I have really high expectations for this version of iOS.
  • iright how is your downloading so quick mine wont move from 20min
  • Downloading....
  • updating my ipad 2 now :)
  • I don't see it yet...
  • FIRST!
  • Its Working!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone Download now...
  • hmm it says I'm up to date but I have the GM version :/
  • It's the same version.
  • Even though some things don't work like Newsstand and the camera lockscreen access?
  • Try restarting, my newsstand store button showed up then.
  • Im wanting to get my phone out of developer "mode" the provision and all that. I just hit restore, and it gave me the update screen. i think this will wipe all the dev features off my phone.
  • D/l'd the first 350 mb quickly, now slowed to a crawl. 10 mins left.
  • Downloading now in India. IOS 5 is going to be the best mobile software ever.
  • Finally, looks like it's going to be a 7 min wait for me.
  • Downloading, 10 min left.:-)
  • Downloading iOS5 like its HOT!
  • updating now. can't wait to try out all the new features!
  • I'll be doing mine after work, can't wait. I'm depending on the current 3GS users to let me know how it works and if it's sluggish or not. So excited!!
  • Updating now
  • Downloading.... 16 min togo.... This Rocks!
  • loving it, ive been waiting for this day forever iMessage for the win! :)
  • i started mine at 12:59 yeah lets get it
  • Its downloading but it is going to be quite a while. The time remaining is going up rather than down. 29 Minutes
  • Hey everyone, if you go to iTunes and hit ALT+F4 it'll make the download go faster!! (and by the download I mean just mine!) :) and for those who take things seriously, jk, dont do it
  • What's ALT?
  • option for the apple-philes out there, but don't do it, lol
  • This is hysterical!
  • 545MB of 774.4 MB
  • Mmmmmm iOS5
  • yeess!!!! 15minutes remaining.
  • Downloading in SW Virginia.
  • :( Mine saying 3 hours remaining to complete the download (Sad face)
  • 2nd try. Got booted the first time around!! Servers must be getting hammered!
  • Slooooowwwwww
  • 4 hours to download, damn...
  • east coast, ipad 2, iTunes 10.5, it's saying 4.3.5 is the latest version :-( 1:25 pm
    update: 1:44pm it now says it's available! yay!
  • Soo a few minutes ago is said 21...Now it says 29 minutes..Apples servers obviously took a blow to the balls...
  • Does the update work if you are running 5.0 GM Release? I get "5.0 is the latest software"
  • its not working for me yet. guess it takes a sec
  • 2 hours remaining! Ech~
  • went from 6 minutes a half hour ago to now 44 minutes and rising.
  • Updating now. Unfortunately for me my connection has decided to slow down. 53 minutes remaining.
  • Isn't this supposed to be an OTA?
  • OTA once you have iOS 5
  • OTA will be available for future releases after you've installed iOS5.
  • Everyone is competing for Apple's bandwidth, lol. Mine initially said 4 minutes remaining, now it's at 11 minutes. I haven't even broken 500MB yet, smh.
  • Don't complain, mine's going slow too. I'm only at 96.7 MB
  • Making it happen over an ATT free hotspot at a greyhound station in Chicago! started off saying 4 hours, now its saying 82mins! and yes I was jailbroken on 4.3 and got the message to upgrade to 4.3.5 but when i clicked it it said 5.0 instead!
  • argh! I have rented movies that I just discovered I need to transfer to iTunes before I update.
  • Apple's servers must be getting crushed. My download time keeps increasing minute by minute started at 16 min now up to 33
  • Starting download!
    7 minutes...
    6 minutes...
    No no no...
    5 minutes...
    6 minutes...
  • Classic download eta on release day!
  • What build is this? Same as the Gold Master?
  • I think so
  • yup, downloaded to the Mac, not its installing on the 3GS....still can't wait for my new iPhone 4s to come though!
  • live here in miami FL :) :p
  • That's nice.
  • updating right now, server seems slow - it said 66 minues to download then 55 so its churning . . .
  • its going so slow
  • Mine showed as 4.3.5 then finally switched...downloading now...time keeps increasing tho so server's gettin hit!
  • My time went from 9 minutes to 22 :(
  • 96 hours remaining.....
  • Uber slow process! but downloading...
  • Just started the download. Jailbroken at 4.3.2, said 4.3.5 was available for update. But when I hit it, the features screen showed iOS 5 features, so I agreed to download. Says 10 minutes, downloading actually pretty quick for me, about 1.1mb down per sec over Comcast.
  • The the HELL do they insist in releasing this to the world at the same time! why not stagger the release to each region? we all get it at 9am on the 12th local time then it's sorted! and I'm not fighting the rest of the world for server resources! c'mon apple!!! this is basic!
  • FYI
    Download time 8 real-time minutes.
    Installation 10 minutes. ?_?
  • My iPhone 4 is now in Backup mode. Woohoo!!! :-)
  • What did we expect? 200 million plus users probably all trying at the same time. I'm surprised I'm even staying connected at all and still downloading. Wish they would release by time zones.
  • updating, but over 2 hours left on the download!!!! you'd think i was on dial up....
  • 20 minutes remaining....
  • 683.1 out of 781.9 remaining. Then times out. Restarting now
  • Trying to...
    Remaining time keeps getting longer & longer lmao this is gonna take forever...!!!
    I will be updating iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 & iPad 2 as it let's me...?!?
  • drops baby... runs to laptop
  • Haha, of course, I'm glad to see you've got your priorities right!
  • 640 of 774.4 MB
  • updating in progress
  • still says connecting the iPhone software update server.... for a long time now.. any ideas
  • taking longer and longer to download, initially had 13 minutes, now over 30 and about half way through!
  • 12 minutes remaining
  • Where's my jailbreak :P!
  • Start downloading might have it by the time the iPhone 5 comes out. LOL
  • Same here... GRRRRR!
  • 671 of 774.4
  • Just an update for those following the comments. I finished my download (it actually took 12 minutes, unbelievable) and am now in the process of updating my phone.
  • I have mine, it is fantastic. Sorry you all are waiting, :(
  • Done! All downloaded, installed and ready to use "The most advances OS ever."
  • Extracting Software Mode. :-)
  • Preparing iPhone for restore Mode.
  • DONE!!!! :)
  • I agree with comments below..30 minutes to go!
  • 4 minutes remaining...
  • Downloading now in Barbados around an hr to go, can't wait!
  • 390 mb down! I'm halfway there, it's all downhill now!! 43 min to go, when will the hurting stop?
    I've got all my old awesome sms tones converted to MP4R. let's go!!
  • 44 min. now it's going backwards!
  • 45 minutes WTH!? the anticipation is killing me, it's like 10 years ago with porn on dial-up, except i'm not going to lose interest and go do something else.
  • download bar is about 60% done and the time has climbed from 3 mins to 11 mins.
  • I used the developer beta, but when I try to upgrade in iTunes it says i have the latest version. Any tips?
  • The last GM version of the Beta IS the exact same file version as the one being released right now. In other words if you're like me and had the GM IPSW on your iPhone you won't need to update that IS the newest version ;D
  • Well where is the Cards App? i have the GM, i just wanna be sure that I'm not missing anything
  • 1 hour ? XD oh well i'll wait
  • I only see one other person here reporting the same contact server failure... anyone else having that problem?? I doubt it's a network/firewall problem on my end.
  • Restoring iPhone Software
  • Been DL for 15 minutes now and it only DL 121MB. My 1.37GB Porn I just DL took 8 minutes. Go figure.
  • Because porn knows how to JAM it in there.
  • Well just restoring apps and then its time to explore....
  • Well no because now the servers are being battered and I've had two timeouts and probably won't get it today, hoever if they released it to the UK at 10am local time I'd had installed without an issue.
  • Its so nice its giving me hope - I've had 9 minutes remaining for about 20 minutes now . . .
  • downloaded and installed...restore in progress. Said could not activate verzion iphone but maybe after restore is will be up and running.
  • ROFL iFone!!!!!!
  • x 2 for me here... "network failure" or some bull like that.... still attempting..
  • big thumps done on track messages reiceve and deliever
  • Mine has said "Processing File" for the past 10 minutes. Happening to anyone else?
  • Yes you will see that green bar barely move for a long time and then it will speed up. I think it took me 20 minutes or so for that part.
  • At 448MB and then ... Reset! #$&@!!, it starts again from the beginning!
  • bastard thing got to 376MB and then timed out, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  • This is crazy how long it's taking I've been downloading for almost an hour and I'm just hitting 700MB
  • Started downloading as soon as it was available.....still got 5 hours to go, and then I have to do my's like watching paint dry lol!
  • I feel your pain, I'm 2 hours in with 2 hours to go. Then comes the iPad and other phones :-/
  • restoring from back-up... 2 min remaining
  • anyone else get a 3194 error?
  • Do you use TinyUmbrella? If so, untick the option that says "Set hosts to Cydia"
  • yep- Twice!!!!!!!!!!
  • You can get all of the firmware download links here: (it just generates the links from Apple's servers)
  • After A few days delay finally Apple released ios5 for public. It has good new features. you can download it directly for the link given below:
  • ok so after an hr i got 720.00 out of 781.9 and it timed out what the fuck
  • Come ooooon jailbreak.
  • It got ready to update and it said my iphone 4 did you hav the right build WTF!!!!!!!!!
  • Has anyone actually been able to finish the download??? Im on my 3rd attempt after getting dumped at around 600mb the previous two tries!!!!!
  • We need mirrors for this
  • Installed and running. Excited to finally play around with it. :)
  • Share some proof! Too many other users reporting restore problems. What is your specific set-up and upgrade method?
  • Took 1 hr 8 mins from start to finish. Even setting up the phone.
  • Been going for 1 hour and 25 minutes and still have 26 minutes left, Im at 580 out of 774.4
  • Can anyone say if the new system works OK on the 3GS? I'm a bit nervous to try it just yet...
  • It's not working ok on 4's; I'm waiting!!
  • iPhone could not be restored. An internal error occurred! What is up with this?????
  • Same for me! wtf!!???
  • oh my goodness, I hope you guys get it straitened out
  • I've never had probs ever! I've even hard rebooted the iphone and rebooted my pc. How do I delete the downloaded copy of ios5 to re-download it? it just prompts me to update and I want to download it again incase it was corrupted.
  • it's finally going through...bloody jokers! this is poor! they NEED to stagger the releases next time so it's not hammered by the whole world at the same time! Grrrrr!!!!!!
  • Me I have no phone because mine was jailbroken and won't restart
  • Lesson for all: Don't update jailbroken devices until you read multiple sources saying a successful method has been found. Don't expect one for a week or more: these are done via trial and error and Apple deliberately has been making it increasingly difficult to do....
  • Thanks everyone for your comments . . . have been looking for the update all day! I'm at 40 minutes remaining . . . it keeps going up. Anyway, I was glad to have found you guys!
  • Getting error message 3200. Ugh!! Anyone else getting this??
  • I think it could be because you didn't update Lion software first. Idk, I'm trying to figure this out now.
  • Negative, I have lion and and I updated everything last night. I'm getting this error as well.
  • Im getting it too. Dont know what to do.
  • getting a unknown eroor 3200... what do I do?
  • I restarted my laptop and did not get 3200 again.
  • I restarted my PC and it happened again... I am trying another PC at the moment... We'll see.
  • tried retstarting twice and still gets 3200 error.
  • Already restarted. Someone knows what's that error? Trying out on my iPad to see if that works without that error
  • Keep trying. Mine worked on the 4th or 5th try
  • I had the same issue, I left my iphone connected, and held down the power & home button until it did the reset and that did the trick. Hope it helps!
  • i tried updating to IOS5 this morning and error 3200 is gone and everything went smooth without a problem with Ipad and Iphone4
  • looks like mine worked, took about an hour. Now it's backing up.
  • ugh, errors
  • Mines chilling at 2 hours -.- Why me? :(
  • Mine constantly kept timing out...I finally just hit resume, not pause on the DL screen...seemed to start from where I was at. I also found better luck once I wasn't doing a bunch of other tasks on the web at the same time. Not sure if that was just dumb luck, but thought I'd offer it up.
  • Mines chilling at 2 hours :( Why me?
  • Man the device data restore is taking forever!!!!
  • WOW, its booting up, in a fine grey tweed!
  • Unable to get server connection in Eastern Europe. Says I have an update available, but continuous server error...maybe tomorrow...goodnight all
  • I can't update. It downloads, goes through the Backup then gives an error: "The iPad could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (3200)."
    Funny thing is, the iPad is remains at iOS4.3.5 with everything in place - ie it's not hosed and works just fine as if I didn't try and update.
    Anyone else see this? I've tried it twice with the same results each time.
  • exact same thing happens with my ipad2
  • Same here with my Iphone 4!
  • Can't get it to work... Keep getting errors...!
  • Looks like you have to have the latest Mac OS X first, THEN download iOS 5.
  • Anyone else having trouble moving from mobileme to icloud? it keeps saying can;t do it at this time to try again!!
  • At least one user at TUAW is reporting success by installing iOS5 as a "new device," them manually restoring data from the back-up (you did do a back-up before starting??). You'll have to manually reconfigure SMS and a few other things; but that's apparently avoiding the restore issues folks are reporting here....
  • Having issues getting it on my ipod iphone went well keep getting unknown error 3200....:-(
  • Keep retrying. Other folks are reporting success after 7 or 8 retries....
  • Downloaded and couldn't install :/
  • I'm stuck backing up for the past 20 minutes. The progress bar isn't moving at all. If I press stop do I have DL it over again?
  • It must be doin something, it's taken up 100% of my CPU.
  • thats the issue i got too. it looks like it may take a couple hours at this rate
  • I keep getting an error code (3200) when trying to update my iPhone even though my iTunes is up to date... Does anyone know what the problem is?
  • Software/server hang-up. Since you opted to be on the bleeding edge, you're dealing with TONS of competing traffic. Keep retrying--folks on other blogs are reporting eventual success!
  • I keep getting an error code (3200) when trying to update my iPhone even though my iTunes is up to date... Does anyone know what the problem is?
  • I downloaded right at 10 and had no problems! Enjoying my iPhone with iOS 5! iPad is taking a little longer but not bad...
  • I am not able to download anything. I have tried several times to download the new itunes software first, and no option to save pops up. FML.
  • can anybody tell me why it says "this device isn't eligible for the requested build"
  • iPhone 3??
  • No problems downloading at all. Completed in 7 mins..
  • Proof!! Proof!!
  • Error 3200, phone stuck in DFU mode and I need it for tomorrow. Not happy Apple!!
  • Not an Apple issue: the update requires server access and you're competing with....millions?......of simultaneous early adopters. If the device is critical and you haven't yet begun upgrading, WAIT!!!!
  • Can't really, work starts at 7am for me! Hopefully the servers have calmed down before I need to sleep.
  • Can't get it on iPod touch 4g an unknow error 3200
  • Keep getting 3200 error. Tried everything from rebooting, to restarting phone, the whole nine yards. Won't extract software.
  • it did that to me. make sure you don't have any other usb devices plugged in to your computer.
  • I keep getting the 3200 error. How do you remove this?
  • ERROR 3200 --- Make sure you have the newest version of itunes, that there are no updates your computer needs to make, and that you don't have any other USB devices plugged in
  • make sure you have the newest version of itunes, there are no updates your computer needs to make, and that you have no other USB devices plugged in.
  • im getting error 3200. tried restarting pc but no luck. anyone have any success?
  • Yes...others are reporting success after repeated retries. Rebooting etc. has no effect--it is a communication issue and you're competing with tons of folks around the word attempting to do the same thing.... Keep trying!
  • Where is iMessage cannot find it
  • I think it is single stream with txt
  • Like Many people said, it works on the 7th time.
  • Got the download, now my back up is taking FOREVER. Anybody know why this happens?
  • still stuck backing up my phone. im getting nowhere quickly
  • me too update downloaded really quickly but now my back up is taking forever
  • Stupid error 3200. I'm just going to keep trying until it works.
  • it says internal error occurred! what the heck
  • Ehh.... error 1604, anyone?
  • Jailbroken?? See YouTube for "ios5 error 1604"....
  • is it just me or is all ios 5 slowing down all iphones
  • Here's a post from a few minutes ago on Apple's discussion forum....
    I had this issue on my 3GS. Here are the steps I took with Apple Engineering's Support: I rebooted my Windows 7 machine I TEMPORARILY disabled my virus and firewall Restarted itunes Reconnected the 3GS to the USB cable Clicked "Update" The backup took a lot longer than normal and the whole thing was complete in about 20 mins. I now have iOS 5 and it appears to work great!
  • finally got downloaded and now it won't restore!!
    I'm on my fifth try, if it doesn't work this time i'm going outside to kill a small animal and see if that helps.
  • you're neighborhood is in danger of being depopulated: some folks are reporting 15 required retried restores! You're competing with tons of server traffic: please be patient and spare the wildlife!!
  • That should be "your" Sorry!
  • iOS 5 combined with iCloud is amazing, and runs smoothly on my 3Gs. Great work Apple.
  • I can't get iCloud to transfer. Any tips?
  • No idea why it wont work. Perhaps the servers are a bit slow due to heavy traffic at the moment, otherwise it should work.
  • Took about 3 hours from sync/backup to download to update/sync, but iOS 5 is now running on my 3GS!
  • How is it running, any sluggishness?
  • keep try to update it took me 4 trys?
  • I am not try 8 ugh!
  • How is it a sense of entitlement? More of a sense of why the fuck don't Apple use some common sense? That's 3 hours of my day wasted going nowhere.
    Every sodding year, Apple fuck up, yet everyone comes back and swears how great they are. Unless iOS5 can give me a blowjob I'm going to the dark side.
  • i keep getting Error 3200 ive done everything that apple said to do to fix it but still noting... anyone know how to fix this?
  • Keep trying! You're competing with millions for server access....
  • just tried updating, error occured, now telling me no sim, help
  • Any other iPad 2 users getting an Internal Error message? I've tried installing the update like 4 times, and get the same thing each time! My iPad is NOT jailbroken. I updated iTunes yesterday, iOS 5 downloaded, but just won't install. :/
  • Apple does have support--if you pay for it! It also has lots more customers. Apple's best support has always come from its users on forums like this one. The 3200 error is a network error: you're competing with millions. Keep retrying or if you're frustrated, take a break! It will work.
  • i just downloaded it and no iMessage WTF
  • It's not an app, you need to message somebody that has i OS 5 and it changes the message from SMS to iMessage.
  • nothing like reading the directions, eh?? ;-)
  • So if I am on wifi and roaming where I have to pay $.75 a sms is it going to send it Wifi lIke BBM or SMS do you know ?
  • dumba**
  • Finally got my Ipad updated but had an error 3200 at first.Ended up fixing this by turning off both my Ipad and laptop. Unplugged the Ipad from the computer and tried the update all again after restarting everything.
  • That's a coincidence: the 3200 error is strictly network access to Apple's servers: you got lucky! ;-)
  • Finally dl'd OS 5. Went to install and it just sits there at the backing up my device screen. Bar hasn't moved in 20 mins. What ya think? Keep waiting or try again?
  • 3200 error every time
  • I kept on getting the error on the iPhone restore and it was because I was using of the older USB cables instead of one of the newer ones. Once I used the new one it worked like a charm. Hope that helps.
  • Kyle, thanks for the tip. Once I did what you suggested, it worked like a charm.
  • i get an error stating that it couldnt verify my backup with apple, i take it as a connection error on apples part due to everyone upgrading at the same time? id like some feed back to make me feel better :/
  • just got off the phone with apple cause i was getting the 3200 error, they told me their servers are down & not to try to update till tomorrow, now the waiting again.
  • If you get the Internal Error message, just try it again, I think it took me 5 tries to get it, there's a TON of traffic right now, but you'll get through.
  • I'm on try 7 or 8, if it doesn't work this time I'm just going to give up until tomorrow.
  • iOS5 is missing widgets on lockscreen for my 3GS, also cam app does not have the additional camera features such as crop, autoadjust, can however use the volume button to take seems like once again Apple gives a half baked version to the 3GS, very odd knowing that Apple is selling the 3GS still...
  • OK.
    Update is done, iPhone 4 running iOS5 now.
    1st try: error 3200
    2nd try: OK
    Restoring iPhone musics, videos, apps... from backup.
    it's DONE.
  • OK, been trying for 2 hours, I keep getting the internal error, so I just tried again and it said that the servers were too busy. Now Im trying again. Im also downloading lion 10.7.2, Im thinking that could also be an issue. If i restart my macbook, will i lose the ios 5 download?????
  • Is there a way to run iTunes move iTunes to an external hardrive on a PC as my hardrive is full
  • Jparsons i also got the error code 3200, i simply restarted my computer and tried again and it worked fine...TRY AGAIN!! :)
  • There is too many people in the world!!!!
    I am so sick of this, you cant do anything anymore without waiting in line!!
    I cant even update my phone becuase your 60 year old dad is on here trying to update!! get a life dorks!! I just want my update!! I have been waiting on this FOREVER!!!
    F OFF PEOPLE!!!!
  • Ha!
  • Agreed.
  • Doesn't that make you part of the problem?
  • Grab a box of tissues, sit the fuck down, and stop crying! That's the problem with the world today. Nobody has any patience. I want it now (stomps feet) now now now now!
  • The irony of your statement is astounding.
  • Apple Care is a purchase option on all Apple products....
  • Another possible useful tip from the Apple discussions for Win users:
    To avoid Backup AGAIN and AGAIN after you successfully downloaded the 720Mb file AND backuped your ipad at least once: Hold Left-Shift key and Click "Restore" button in iTunes Look for the File: ussually in (Windows 7): C:UsersAppDataRoamingApple ComputeriTunesiPad Software Updates choose the file you downloaded and click OK Keep trying step 1-3
  • After 20 times this worked for me, I kept looking in the local file or would have done it sooner
  • My Conputer & iTunes won't even recognise my iphone is plugged in anymore...?!?
  • won't restore. internal error has occurred. called apple. they are aware of issue. all dude said is that a lot of people downloading. keep trying or wait till later.
  • iOS5 finally came through.... keep trying everyone it will eventually work... Only 15-20 tries for me :-{}
  • Tried to do the update and now it looks like my iPad is bricked. Wtf!
  • I had the same issue, I unplugged the ipad and replugged it, after getting the 3002 whatever error few times its finally updated
  • Having the same issue!
  • Have given up for now. Too many Error 3200 and 3004. Will try again in a few hours/days. Congrats to all those who got in to the Apple servers and ran a successful update!
  • The Only error I get says: iPhone cannot be restored. This device is not eligible for the requested build". What's up with that? It's an iPhone 4!
  • It's overloaded with whipersnappers, I'm taking away my kids iphones until this is straitened out. I suggest everyone else do the same, they can get ios5 next week.
  • From the posts here, johnnyray, I agree!!
  • @Rene,
    When I click on the How to install IOS 5 link it takes me to WORD PRESS login page.. WHY???
  • im not having problems getting the new update AT ALL!!!! thanks god is working great and mine was jailbroken!!!! still, I'm not having problems getting the iOS 5.... good luck ya all!!!
  • Error 3200 ???
  • to everyone getting the 3200 error. just keep trying, i honestly tried 30 times before finally getting ios5 up and running. and i was coming 4.3.5 untethered JB. be patient!
  • Finally!! After about 15 tries and eventually having to go into DFU mode and restore, I got iOS 5 running. Hallelujah!!
  • My phone is shows that its booting and then sign of loading the file and then shuts off. and keeps repeating this process. kindly advise
  • Nice iOS 5 fried my iPad 2! This is coming from Apple Tech Support
  • Same issue!
    Best Regards,
    From the desk of:
    Damon Jonatan Karter-McCreary
    Phone: (347) 687-9701
    Find me on Facebook:
    Confidentiality Notice: This email message, including any attachments, is for the sole use of the intended recipient(s) and may contain confidential and privileged information. Any unauthorized use, disclosure or distribution is prohibited. If you are not the intended recipient, please contact the sender by reply email and destroy all copies of the original message.
  • no update for 3G users :(
  • Yes there is: it's called "buy a 4." That's what I'm doing this weekend....
  • i updated my iPhone 4 and i have no option for camera on the lock screen.
  • Double click home button
  • Tried 5 times, and finally got it.. And one thing. On my 3GS i got the camera editing features, but no geo fence for reminders? hmm
  • I think I figure out the error message. Apple has to verify your device and their servers are probably jam packed today. After about 8 tries my Ipad 2 is now updating. Just have patients, it will work. I got scared for a second. lol
  • I thought all Apple products "Just Works".
  • I was thinking the same thing
  • How's the adobe flash integration?
  • Ha, ha! You just hang on to that shred of Android superiority as long as you can....
  • I think I'm in business! Yay!
  • It's freaking bullsh&t that Apple's servers can't handle the volume of downloads.
  • i cant download says error !! i cant stand this!!! someone help please
  • Couldve sworn there was the weather app and stock app on the lock screen when i saw previews? Also what about the camera button on the lock screen? Thats not there either...
  • Jesus, try READING about the update before commenting on it. You'll look less retarded.
  • Anyone get stuck on the "Find My iPhone" screen???
  • This has got to be one of the funniest comment threads I’ve ever seen.
    Some people here are acting like junkies out on the street begging for a fix. It’s kind of disgusting.
  • i have tried everything... i even update my mac yesterday so that i would be ok to start. but am just stuck in fking recovery mode and now my mac is looking to download OS Lion recovery what the Fk is going on here.... ahhhhhh
  • Some of you on this board need institutional help. If you insist on downloading a major system upgrade on one of the most widely held device platforms in the world, with many millions of users, you'd better have a really tough hide or lots of patience. Don't scream here about Apple ineptitude: the impatience is purely yours. I'm waiting. When you guys flush out all the issues and they get resolved and the demand on servers drops, then I'll upgrade.
    Holy smokes; some of these posts are beyond juvenile.
  • Same here, now... I actually tried a half-dozen times throughout the day, and it failed with goofy error messages (I think the servers were just to busy to verify the update file, and then the device eligibility from what I could tell). Why they didn't spend a bit more time on error-trapping this (duh!) kind of event, to give some meaningful errors is beyond me (would save them a lot of phone calls and support traffic). After one of my friend's iPad ended up in recovery mode (the iPad needed to be restored to a previous OS and then backup restored), I decided maybe trying today wasn't such a good move.
    I'm guessing many of the people with mucked-up iOS devices we're going to be reading about, wouldn't have happened if they hadn't all tried to update at once. Apple should have better anticipated and error-trapped this.
  • Took 58 minutes to update my iPad from backup to finish. This is with me having to try the restore 3 times now on to the iPod. This looks like it will take much longer seeing as it is redownloading the update. :(
  • my phone just got wiped out... have to restore to factory settings... OUCH!!!
  • Me too.
  • If there is too much traffic on the servers why doesn't Apple spread out the update? That would help so much...!!! My iPhone is a Brick right now.!.!.!.!...!!!
  • Make sure you have downloaded the update for your Mac.
  • how about a hamburger with a side of frenchcries?
  • Makes no sense why they wouldn't release this early EST so it can be downloaded in waves rather than the entire world being active at time of release. I smell bad press coming. Oh well I'm 60mb in and 4 hrs to go...I guess it will keep going.
  • it says cannot update, internal error. any help with that?
  • If I have 2 devices iPhone and iPad, does that mean I need to download thenupdate twice?
  • No
  • yes
  • I have just bought an iPad 2 (4.3.5) and I'm looking forward for the iOS 5 jailbreak. Will I be in trouble if I just update it now?
  • Internal error occurred" after downloading and backing up??????? WTF can't apple get their **** straight??????
  • I think my 4S will be here before this thing is finished downloading!
  • I feel the same way. I been trying for the past six hours and still no luck. I'm restoring my device now.
  • Anyone Getting' The "Text Messages Full" Alert?!? I Didn't Get Any Text ALL Day Until I Restarted It! Help Please!
  • Downloaded on my first try. Loading...
  • Can't even restore my device.
  • me either
  • The first time i tried it went fine through the update but then gave me the unknown error when verifying at the end! Now when i turn on the iPhone it gives me the "connect to iTunes" screen, and when i try to restore it gives me the error!
  • It took me all Aftermoon BUT got my I4 running IOS 5 On BB 4.10.xx on Gevey running tethered JB and it was FkG Worth it loving imsg and the notifications so far
  • Glad I have only been trying to update my 4th Gen iPod touch, I have been getting strange can't restore messages for 6 hours now.....4.3.5 looking pretty good.
  • Done! Spent three hours on the upgrade.
  • I have a quick question, with the ios5 release I thought there would be quick access to camera from lock screen... I don't have that? Agh i was really looking forward to that change
  • you have to double click from the lock screen
  • I have finally updated but now it tells me that i have 6 GB of "Other" data. what do i do?
  • error 3200 is gone and updated Ipad and Iphone4 with no problem this morning.
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