BT has confirmed that the release of iOS 5 caused the highest ever internet traffic spike in the UK.  We knew that Apple’s servers were under immense pressure last week with the release of iOS 5 and other updates. Even Rene joked on the podcast that Apple had brought down the internet!

Traffic levels were at their highest level ever seen within BT’s UK broadband network (wholesale through BT Retail and other content providers) on Wednesday night – this was sustained from the launch of Apple’s iPhone OS 5 until past midnight. Last night (Thursday) saw the 2nd highest we’ve ever seen on the UK broadband network, less than 10Gbits/s lower than Wednesday and sustained for a longer period of time. This exceeded previous peaks seen during Wimbledon and major England football matches.

BT claims that it was seeing more than 80Gbits/s of additional traffic; which is around double the previous maximum spike. It also claims that it had very little issue with network congestion. Not sure if everyone trying to download the updates would agree with the last part!

Source: Cult of Mac