iOS 5 revamps iOS notifications

It looks as if the Apple Gods have answered some of our notification gripes. iOS 5 will bring with it revamped notifications. It looks as if there's a reason Apple hired Peter Hajas as it looks a heck of a lot like MobileNotifier. I've had revamped notifications in my jailbreak to stock want list for a long while.

Notifications will be accessed by swapping down from the main status bar. You'll also be able to view them on the lock screen as well. It appears voicemail can be accessed from the lock screen as well.

What do you guys think? Is it what you expected or did you want more? We'll update as we find out more!

Until then, hit the jump for a few more images!

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Allyson Kazmucha

iMore senior editor from 2011 to 2015.

  • Funny how they made the notifications like Android but they will never admit to that. But when someone emulates their things (win vista like mac os) they will be soooo funny about it with slides and jokes! Oh Apple, i love my iPhone, but you guys are too much!
  • I find it funnier that Android in general looks like an iPhone....
  • It depends on the phone. Some HTC phones look similar to the iPhone, but most of those phones are not anything like an iPhone. I had an Incredible for a year until VZW had the iPhone. I liked it but like my iPhone more. My point is that Apple will NEVER admit that the notifications are inspired by Android. But if Android had something even remotely close to iOS, then you just KNOW Apple would make jokes and have a side by side slide show like they did in 2006
  • Does it matter who inspired who to do certain things one way? I find the whole topic ridiculous, whether it's Google fans claiming Apple copied them, Apple fans claiming Microsoft copied them or any other combination. There are only so many ways you can design an OS ; it's bound to have some similarities.
  • Except Apple patents those ways (e.g. A two finger gesture) and then brandishes legal clubs for imitations far less slavish then they have done here
  • Spot on.
  • Very sensible.
  • Looks like lockinfo too. I'll have to see if this new OS will be worth keeping an iphone by January. If not, off to Android for me in January when my AT&T contract ends.
  • I was Ok with it until I saw the lock screen. I'd prefer they just showed minimal information until the device is unlocked (I use a PIN). Maybe there will be a setting for it though
  • I wonder if Mail messages (i.e. pushed from MS Exchange) will be displayed in the new Notification system.
  • It looks like they will be. I saw some mail notifications in a couple pictures on the promotional page for it.
  • This just proves how important the jailbreak community is to Apple, pirating aside , they create imensley useful programs that find their way into the official OS
  • Someone please give me a good reason as to why they don't give users the option to download the beta versions? Devs get it today, but the avg user can't until the fall sometime? I'm very excited for this update...and clearly very impatient haha
  • You should read the comments on the dev boards, from people who manage to get in there from purchasing access from online sites.
    This is a BETA, and not for the average user, which people like you don't understand. It is supposed to be installed on a SEPARATE device, not your main device, as it can disable features or whatnot.
    The average user doesn't understand this, and freaks out when they get a bug. I've seen comments cursing Apple about glitchy releases, then get verbally beat down by REAL devs, explaining the definition of BETA!!!
  • I understand that but why can't I restore my iPhone, try iOS 5 for a couple of hours and then restore back to 4.3.3?
  • You're right, I don't understand this. That's exactly why I asked someone to explain it.
    I get that it's potentially/likely buggy, and that's why it's a beta release. I understand that much, and would be willing to try it out despite those risks. If it was really bad, I could go back to the current OS and wait for the official release. I understand Apple doesn't want to release an "unfinished" version to the public, causing uproar from users even less versed in technology than me. I just feel like if they make it super clear that it is unfinished and you may have issues, but that they aren't responsible for dealing with problems you may encounter, then why not allow users to download it at their own risk? Tons of other companies allow beta releases to willing users (and not just Devs). That's all I'm saying.
  • They do make it available publicly. Pay $100 annually to get access to it.
    If you really can't be patient, pay it, otherwise just sit and wait like most do.
    Apple has enough developers to test it, that they in no way need "extra" testers, and they do post that the betas are only for a device that is not involved in "every day usage", yet people still post and freak out when there are bugs, instead of posting bug reports (mainly because they purchased access, so don't know how to, haha).
  • So can Google sue Apple for copying their notification system? haha
  • They should. It would actually have more merit than any of apples suits.
  • Apple is suing another phone manufacturer for patent infringement. Do you not understand that? Doesn't matter if you believe it has merit or not. Now does google manufacture any phones?
  • Actually Apple's lawsuit against HTC was based on the Android software. Just as their lawsuit against Samsung is based on "look and feel" of the OS. Which once again is software.
    It has nothing to do with hardware.
    So to answer your Google doesn't manufacture phones, but they sure do create the software being sued...
  • But Apple isn't suing Google. So where is the correlation?
  • lets hear the isheep defend this one. A total android copy even the bottom icon on the display of the notifications. Of course the isheep will say its magical and revolutionary.
  • Right, because Android hasn't copied anything from iOS. I'm not saying this because I mind who copies what from who, I just want people like you to show users of other platforms some basic respect like not calling us iSheep.
  • He has a point though. When Apple makes suits against companies for "copying" ideas, Apple fans cry "blasphemy!". But when Apple copies ideas from other companies, Apple fans sing kumbayah and say "why can't we all get along? Stop calling us isheep. All the companies copy each other". Get it?
  • EXACTLY! :-D
  • LMBO @ correcting the spelling of iSheep. :-D haha.
  • Like
  • Why do you care, we always talked about how much we liked the notification bar on android. You should be happy that apple liked it and chose to use it in their app. They make it look better, and they have a nicer animation when a notification comes in. You should be really happy, I know i am, that's the main thing I wanted, no more stupid pop ups.
  • what a surprise ! back with trolling because you cant' think of anything intelligent . You know what would be magical and revolutionary ? you saying something doesn't make you look like a cuny.
  • Am I the only one who sees the blaring similarities to lockinfo? Exact same concept and very similar UI (down to the x's). Similarities to mobilenotifier pale in comparison
  • What's your point?
  • I hope yer right. LockInfo is vastly superior to MobileNotifier ;-)
  • The only similarity to android notification is the fact that its a pull down which i prayed for.. but i see more similarities to mobile notifier and lock info.. I love what they have done here..
  • which in turn was inspired from the Android notification drawer.
    See how inspiration works in big business.
    I'm not gonna decry anyone for copying whoever.
    But now it should be common sense...everyone copies someone at some point in time.
    I wish the government would look at this then just dismiss all suits and reorganize the patent office.
  • So...iOS 5 in the fall? Hmm maybe I should Jailbreak my phone until then :D relatively new iphone owner, longtime phone enthusiast.
    I'm confused here though...will notifications still be intrusive as they are now? or will it really be like Android where there will be a beep and you pull down the top menu to see what came in??
  • Does anyone know if we will be able to reply to and send sms from within apps, with the help of the new notification central, or will be still be forced to leave apps?
    On a related note, did the new notification system seem include the feature/option not to have new notifications pop up over whatever we're doing on our device?
  • I second these questions.
    If I can't reply to texts in other apps, then the only functional reason i'd have to jailbreak would be for quickreply.
    ....maybe a little winterboarding
    I prefer tapping to sliding when i want to unlock!
    .... maybe a little miwi... just a little!
    stop screaming at me, voices!
    i REALLY hope that these ota updates aren't forced, so jailbreaking can still exist...
  • You can reply and it doesn't take you out of the current app. Watch the video on Apple's site. It gives a great overview of everything.
  • Hah! Like this too.
  • This is all fine and dandy, but WILL WE FINALLY BE ABLE TO CHANGE THOSE STOOOOOOPID ALERT TONES???? If not, I am done. I will JB my phones (like my 3G was) until Apple locks that down, then it will be bye bye Apple. I am soooooooo tired of the SAME email tone since day one, and not knowing if it my phone, or the 20 people around me, that just got an email. I guess the ability to set alert profiles will be in IOS version 96 or so, since that was not mentioned either. Hiding them til you want them is cool (and something everyone else has been doing) but there is so much more lacking.
  • I hope you can disable weather and stocks in the little menu! In case they didn't notice, there's already an app for that!! And I do not care about stocks.. At all.
  • Wow, that looks really familiar...where have I seen that before? hmmmmmmm
  • To everyone who keeps posting/crying that its a rip-off of lockinfo/mobilenotifier, it will now be built into the OS. Not a jailbreak tweek. MOST iPhone users DON'T jailbreak(like nearly EVERY Android user doesn't root/hack their phone). Stop whining and realize that the iPhone wasn't made just for YOU but for all who purchase it. These NEW features will be NEW to MOST iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch users.
    And to the Android "trolls", name 1(or 2,3, get the point) Android phone that performs better than an iPhone. That's why nothing that Android has done has changed the game. They are still just existing(very well I may add). The iPhone did revolutionize the game. Android, like all others, just copied. Like it or not, its still a copy(no I don't mean carbon copy).
  • You sound mad, truth hurts, we don't advertise like you but our phones are way better and most importantly, not Uniform
  • No not mad at all. And not one Android phone is better than the iPhone. And your EXCUSE for why is lame. "we don't advertise like you do". Really, I that the best you could come up with? You should really work on that. Take notes of the Android vs iPhone argument. Most don't like the iPhone because it's an Apple product. Most iPhone enthusiasts don't like Android because they are an INFERIOR product. And don't give me that "open" crap either. There isnt ONE Android phone that is great right out of the box not ONE. Yes I know you can hack it but I can jailbreak my iPhone. When there is ONE Android phone that is actually a good product, then you'll have an argument. Also,
  • I don't care if Apple copies.... Actually it provides less of a reason for people to switch to android. They literally took JailBrake Apps and Androids notifications, combined them, and made it better. It's what Apple does.
  • Im watching the keynote now and just scanned through the comments quickly only one person mention this but no one seems to care... if you can access all that from the lock screen withought a passcode wheres the privacy or security if your device is lost or stolen?? eff who coppies who!
  • Can't wait for Apple commercials that claim their OS is the only one that does notification, .... Ha ha ha , what's really new ?
  • I wonder what the pulldown Notifcation Center means for tapping the status bar to jump to the top of a page...
  • it will still be the same, those are two completely different actions.
  • HAHA so basically this update brings all the things Android already HAD from the beginning to the iPhone... iFail Pull down notifications....check Sharing throught the gallery....check "Widget" lockscreen...check iMessage..can someone say Blackberyy Messenger iCloud...uhhh Amazon and Google Music So my question is, is there really anything truelly NEW (not copied) in iOS5???
  • I love it !! I've always wanted the drop down bar but never wanted to get rid of my iPhone !!
  • lol.
    but seriously. lol
  • Great, but now when I play a game or swipe down for anything, the thing is in my face... Yeah, not so impressed and I cant figure out how to turn it off
  • Yes so annoying, I'm trying to play a game and it pops up and all it says is no notifications! I want it turned off!