iOS 5: software updates will now be delivered OTA (over-the-air)

It looks as though Apple has decided to take all future software updates wireless and Apple will now stream all iOS updates over the air (OTA). This could be a great thing for folks who don't want to depend on a computer to have to update their devices and even better if iCloud ends up bringing iTunes to you wirelessly.

Apple is "cutting the cord," according to Forstall. New menus and a new Welcome screen will also be implemented into iOS 5 as well.

Are you excited about Apple cutting the cord on software updates or a little wary? How do you think this will effect the future of jailbreak?

[Image via Engadget]

  • Me no- I can do the updates fine. My wife? She has no clue so now I don't have to manage her iPhone any longer. Thanks, Apple!
  • I'm sure it won't be automatic unless you set it like that so really nothing to worry about regarding a jailbreak.
  • I'm sure it'll be like Android where you get a notification, now that they have good notifications.
  • I don't really ming OTA updates as long as it doesn't take my jailbreak ability away. I might have to switch over to Android if jailbreaking is deemed impossible. I need iFile and and all of the other awesome jailbreak apps.
  • This is huge. Unless I am far off the mark, this means that we will never have to wipe our iDevice to update the OS. That means that we don't have to wait for hours upon hours without an iPhone or iPad while GB after GB of music, apps, and photos are re-downloaded to the device. This is amazing!
  • Nice maturing of the OS. New features and corrections to the way that current features function is exactly how an OS should evolve over time. Well done Apple.
  • I don't know if I liked it.
    I have an android phone (xperia x10 mini pro, iPhone broken =\) and the OTA updates in that phone is completely confusing. I've never known if I really upgraded it or not!
    The best thing, you can choose if you want OTA or not.
  • I like having the option for an OTA update, I just hope they give us the ability to opt out of it. Software is known for sometimes causing more problems than it fixes and there are several times iOS has such a small list of 'upgrades' that I don't want to even bother updating in case it messes something else up. Please don't force us to update!!