iOS 5.1 beta removes access to system settings shortcuts from your home screen

iOS 5.1 beta was released earlier this week and it appears to block access to system settings shortcuts that you may have added to your home screen. Systems settings have been making quite a stir recently when it was discovered that you could access individual settings using a URL type web address.  The web address could then be saved as a favorite with a fancy icon on your home screen. This would then give you one touch access to Bluetooth settings, Wi-Fi settings and much more.

One developer even put the various settings options together in one place, created a beautiful icon set and wrapped each up as an easily installable system profile. Now, for whatever reason, Apple has blocked access to system settings via this URL method in the iOS 5.1 beta.

This is a very disappointing move for many as Apple has continually ignored how difficult it is to access settings like Bluetooth without having to navigate multiple settings pages just to get to the one toggle you need. Hopefully Apple has a simple solution up its sleeve which it intends to release when iOS 5.1 makes its public release.

Source: Cult of Mac


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