iOS 5.1 rumored to bring rich text to Notes app

iOS 5.1 has been in beta for a while now, but several features have remained hidden from developers thus far -- potentially including rich text formatting for the Notes app. Previously limited to just plain text, iPhone Hellas reports that users will soon be able to include bulleted lists, links, underlined text, change the font color and more.

OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion will be getting rich text editing in the [new Notes app for Mac, so this would mean parity between the platforms. If accurate, it's great to see Apple pushing Notes a little further, as it's been essentially the same since the early iPhone OS days. It probably won't have any effect on App Store note-taking apps, which often include additional features, or features Apple would never add, like Dropbox or support, or allow hand-writing support.

Like the Photos app, it's just bare bones functionality.

iOS 5.1 has been rumored to hit the streets on March 9th from operator profile code uncovered in the latest beta release, which is also right around the time we think Apple will be announcing the iPad 3.

Source: iPhoneHellas

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  • Ummm, you could always do this by editing the note on a computer and then syncing it to the phone. The lack of visible controls for editing format in the screen-shot just further demonstrates that this is likely faked.
    Show us the formatting controls, and I'll be more inclined to believe it.
  • That and the fact that nothing lines up with the lines on the page.
  • The rumor is probably coming more from the fact that the new standalone Notes app in OS X Mountain Lion is getting rich text editing with these exact rumored features.
    No one said the picture was proof of the rumor. The picture is almost surely just someone doing rich text on the Mac and then syncing it but it's probably just a filler image instilling the idea that rich text may be possible to do on iOS soon.
    You really don't need to complain and say the rumor is "crap" just because of the picture. Half the time article pictures anywhere don't have a direct link to the rumor.
    Just my opinion.
  • How about categories or tags for the notes? And a desktop app?
  • I just want the ability to sort notes alphabetically. Basic stuff.
  • Wow, look at this - I did it too... and I'm on 5.0.1 ! I MUST BE MAGIC
  • Whoops, left off the file extension :)
  • God the comment system on this forum is annoying, automatically making things surrounded by _ italic without checking first to see if it's a URL. <-- Wow, in iPhone 5.0.1... I must be magic - or this rumor is crap. Show me formatting tools and I'll possibly believe it.
  • How about an update to the YouTube app instead???
  • I agree 100000%.. youtube app is from the original iPhone. I think it's time for an update to match it's google counterparts.
  • Heh, and I go through so much effort to clean rich text out of stuff... often using TextEdit on the Mac or Notesy on the iPad to get rid of the formatting. :)
  • That said, supporting more fonts would be nice... not so much to fancy things up, but for taking notes that require the use of other languages.
  • wow! this makes me want to update right now!! rolls eyes
  • ProTube > Youtube.
  • Well, I was testing the new on mountain lion when I realized that the formatted text was syncing great on my iPhone in 5.1 beta 3!
    So as it is a new option on OS X, it will be a new option and on iOS!
  • Evernote allows rich text formatting, but the client is sooooo slow it's almost unusable for taking notes on the fly. I prefer the built-in Notes app for that, mostly because of the automatic iCloud integration and the integration with the universal phone search feature. I'm excited about this rumor -- I'd gladly dump all the other note-taking apps I currently have if Notes was just a little more capable.
  • I agree. If Notes was also able to organize by alphabet and categorize it would make it so capable. Easy changes for Apple to implement. I am confident they will get there. The Reminders app is nice, so they are making improvements.
  • We already have this now. It's called Evernote. People complain it is slow, and naturally there will be a bit of lag compared to the built-in Notes app with local-only notes. But to compare the feature set - even with this rumored update to Notes - to what Evernote can do is just no contest. Until Notes can do everything that Evernote can do, Notes will never see my screen. After checking it out initially I don't think I have ever even opened it. And if rich text is the only update to it here, it still will collect virtual dust. Just MHO.
  • Two things that I really like my iPhone (Sprint iPhone 4S) is the reliability, it doesn't freeze-up and always working, and the battery life. These are big but the iPhone still lack a lot of things that other smart phones like the evo and Epic those. The messaging app lacks true copy and past (you can only copy/paste a whole message other than part of that message like in the evo/Epic. Also, forwarding a message or adding things like emoticons are not easy. I still don't know how to add emoticons to my text messages.