iOS 7.1 makes British Siri more human, and female!

iOS 7.1 brought many things for many people, but for us British folks Siri got a noticeable update. Until now, we've been given only one choice for how Siri sounds over here; the robotic sounding male. With iOS 7.1 a few regions, the UK included, got improvements to the quality of the voice feedback. Oh, and we also got a female voice for the first time ever!

It seems like a small thing, but the changes have made interacting with Siri should you be using UK English as your language more enjoyable. And I don't know, but I've always thought of Siri as a more female entity anyway, so it's good we get that choice now as well!

Check out the hot new British Siri in the video up top. The difference in male voice quality is subtle at first, but as you start to use it more and more it becomes more and more obvious. It's also softer and a little quieter than before – apologies for the low audio in the video on that! – and doesn't shout its answers at you quite as much anymore. So, what do you think to Siri's hot new British voices?

Richard Devine

Editor at iMore, part time racing driver, full time British guy. Follow him on Twitter and Google+

  • I am sorry, but that was one of the worse video reviews I have ever seen/heard. You couldn't even hear Siri. LOL #Fail
  • I agree, I didn't even finish watching because i couldn't hear anything!
  • That hair dude.. Being a geek/nerd doesn't mean not to be stylish.. You are making a review, your hair is like you've been in a storm.. T-shirt... I don't know.. From guys here only Rene has style.. :-)
  • Guess I'm lucky that the only person in this world who's opinion I really care about doesn't have any issues with what I wear in my own home!
  • Good for you dude. But when you make review, make yourself shine man. Off camera you can be whatever you want.. :D
  • Be yourself man. I couldn't hear Siri either...
  • You did good. That is dressed up for being at home. Most wear a dirty torn T-shirt. I heard Siri fine. My iPhone came with a volume adjustment. The human voice is much better. By the way is Siri still in beta? That in itself has to be a record. Sent from the iMore App
  • Question… can you change the Siri voice for a different region?For example, here in America can I have my iPad's Siri speak in the female Australia voice?
  • I was wondering the same thing. I wouldn't mind Siri having an accent.
  • I'm in the UK and noticed the new UK male voice immediately; it's a backward step as far as I am concerned. It's too high-pitched; I prefer the one that was used in the last version....
  • Wow! The British Siri sounds really nice. Thanks for the video. Sent from the iMore App