iOS 16.3.1 might come out before the iOS 16.4 beta even exists

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Apple could release iOS 16.3.1 before developers even get a chance to see what iOS 16.4 has in store for users.

As reported by MacRumors, Apple is apparently already "preparing an iOS 16.3.1 update for the iPhone, based on evidence of the software in our website's analytics logs this week." While the outlet was not able to attain an exact release date for the latest software update, they did say that they expect the update to come out at some point during the month of February.

The outlet says that those logs have "accurately foreshadowed the release of several previous updates, including iOS 16.0.3 and iOS 16.1.1," so they do seem to be a decently reliable indicator for upcoming software releases. Those same logs, speaking of iOS 16.4, have not seen anything about that more significant update.

What will be in iOS 16.3.1 and iOS 16.4?

At this time, we really have no idea what will be in iOS 16.3.1 and iOS 16.4. Releases like iOS 16.3.1 tend to be more focused on the usual round of performance improvements and bug fixes, so it's unlikely we'll see any major changes in that update. iOS 16.4 is likely to include some new features, however small, but without the developer beta, it's impossible to know what's in store for that upcoming update.

In the meantime, we can all continue to enjoy iOS 16.3, which Apple released just over a week ago. iOS 16.3 packed a number of new features including support for physical Security Keys, a new method for making Emergency SOS calls, support for the new HomePod that Apple is officially launching on Friday, a new Unity wallpaper to celebrate Black History Month, and a ton of bug fixes.

While you're waiting for the first discoveries for iOS 16.4, there's plenty to check out across the new software updates for iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, and macOS.

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