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iPad accounts for 91% of communication in business of those surveyed

A survey issued Monday by IDG Connect shows that 91% of business and IT users use their iPad more for business communication than personal needs. They also found that over 25% of employers deployed iPads to their employees.

Other numbers included in the survey -

  • 97% of professionals use the iPad for reading
  • 70% + now buy fewer physical books and newspapers
  • 72% of iPad owners carry their laptop less
  • 66% say the iPad has partially or completely replaced their laptop

iPads are not only a cheaper option than laptop computers for employers but they're also much more portable. If an iPad suits an employee's business needs it may be a better option financially than a laptop. 83% of the employers surveyed also said they would not consider another kind of tablet after using the iPad.

Source: The Loop

iMore senior editor from 2011 to 2015.

  • "83% of the employers surveyed also said they would not consider another kind of tablet after using the iPad." iPad is still the king? Who knew.
  • okay Appple fan boy
  • That's right troll who can't spell Apple. Have you used an iPad before? You can't argue against the ease of use it offers and integration with other Apple products.
  • 93% of all percentages are made up.
    This looks like one of them. Though what is considered a "Professional"?
  • what a misleading title. it should be "of all people who work for a company and own an ipad, 91% of them use their ipad for at least some business tasks." not quite as catchy, though, i suppose.
  • "A survey issued Monday by IDG Connect shows that 91% of business and IT users use their iPad more for business communication than personal needs."
    Er, this does not mean that "iPad accounts for 91% of communication in business". It means that of the people that use iPads in business and IT, 91% of them use it more for business than they would use it for personal needs. This is entirely consistent with the possibility that a relatively minimal proportion of business communication happens on the iPad -- it's just that most people use it for business communication than use it for personal uses. They might still be using laptops for the vast majority of the communication.
    As a parallel: 99.9% of users use scooters more for transportation than for global domination. That doesn't mean that 99.9% of transportation happens by scooter.
  • Yoni hit the nail on the head here. It would be similar as a "PCs accounts for 100% of all business communications" headline, because 100% of individuals who were assigned windows-based computers for their work, use it more for business communication than personal communication.
    In other shocking news, Paula Deen has diabetes.
  • That headline is more than misleading; it completely mis-states the article.
  • Seriously iMore? The headline has nothing to do with what the article is actually stating, as everyone has already pointed out. Plus, iPads are NOT replacing laptops at all. 25%+ of companies are deploying iPads to their employees?? Instead of laptops? Sure, if they want their employees to be 90% less productive... More like 25% of companies allow employees to bring in their personal iPads and use them for business, alongside their company-provided laptop.
  • I agree with you (and everyone else) on the headline. It's just their shameless way of grabbing page views.
    On the "Sure, if they want their employees to be 90% less productive..." statement however, that is not necessarily the case since it depends on the needs of the employees. We've worked with clients to create specialized iPad apps because those clients have decided to no longer issue laptops to their employees. For those clients, what is needed by their employees could be done 100% on both laptops and iPads. They chose iPads because it was more cost effective and portable. It's a similar situation with the "airlines using iPads" articles that have been posted over the last few weeks. Except that a laptop was never portable enough for that specific situation.
    No idea if it's 25% or what, but I do know from personal experience that there ARE situations where the laptop has been replaced by the iPad.
  • 99.9% of non-ipad or non-apple owners do all of their business and personal communications on other devices.
    Further more a new poll of non cell phone users claim they place 100% of phone calls through a land line.
  • Fixed title. I overlooked it.
  • It's still wrong. Nowhere does it even come close to saying that the iPad accounts for 91% of communication.
    It says that of those surveyed, 91% use the iPad MORE for business THAN for pleasure. That doesn't mean they use it for 91% OF their business communication.
    100% of casual users that play StarCraft do it for recreation, not for business. That doesn't mean that StarCraft constitutes 100% of their recreation activity.
  • Close (and much less misleading), but still not particularly correct.
    This wasn't a survey of what % of professionals use iPads. It was a survey what professionals that use iPads use it for. The 91% figure, if anything, is for existing users of iPads, and that 91% of them use it primarily for business.
    In other words, if anything, the title should read:
    91% of business iPad users use iPad primarily for business.
    (assuming that 'business' and 'personal' cover the entirety of uses)
  • Well what did we learn here? When Apple first introduced the iPad, it was a revolutionary magical drivice. Mostly for fun. Enterprise was pushed aside for other things. Apple soon learned to evolved, because consumers were using it for everything from serious work, to serious games. Steve had this vision way before the tecnogolicy was there to make it. What an amazing man.
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