iPhone 11 to center Apple logo for this reason, says report

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Totallee iPhone Case

What you need to know

  • iPhone 11 said to featured centered Apple logo on the back.
  • The centered Apple logo will serve as visual indicator for device-to-device wireless charging.
  • Competing manufacturers have already introduced device-to-device wireless charging.

The iPhone 11 will look a little different when it's released later this month, and I don't mean its triple-camera setup. According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, Apple is planning to center the Apple logo on the iPhone 11 for a very specific reason.

With the iPhone 11 expected to feature device-to-device wireless charging, Apple is planning to center the Apple Logo to serve as a visual indicator where users can place devices like the Apple Watch and AirPods to charge. It's one of those small changes that doesn't sound big but should make a huge difference.


Bloomberg's report isn't a surprise. Over the past few months we've heard murmurs about Apple ditching the "iPhone" branding on the back of the iPhone 11, and the latest report further corroborates earlier rumors.

As for device-to-device wireless charging, we've seen the feature pop up in competing Android devices, including the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Samsung calls its feature Wireless PowerShare and allows Note 10 owners to charge other devices that support Qi wireless charging.

The same report from Bloomberg says the iPhone 11 will feature more shatter-resistant glass and improved water resistance. Those are about the only design changes to expect from the iPhone 11, however, which appears to hue closely to the iPhone X design introduced a few years ago.

Apple is holding an event on September 10, where we'll get official details about the iPhone 11. Stay tuned.

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