iPhone 11 Pro's ultra wide camera continues to impress

What you need to know

  • iPhone 11 Pro owners continue to share images taken with the ultra wide angle camera.
  • The ultra wide angle camera appears to be a huge hit.
  • We'll continue to keep an eye on photos people share.

Apple's iPhone 11 Pro has been released, and fans around the world are excitedly sharing their impressions. Unsurprisingly, the device's triple-camera system has become an early favorite. In particular, it's the ultra wide camera that's earning the most praise.

With a focal length equivalent to 13mm, users are able to capture much more of a scene, whether it be a landscape or interior. The pictures some iPhone 11 Pro owners have shared on social media are nothing less than stunning.


The iPhone 11 Pro hasn't been out a week and already people are in love. Between the ultra wide angle camera and the new Night mode, Apple has really outdone itself in the camera department.

Surely, Apple's Shot On iPhone campaign will be better than it's ever been now that the iPhone 11 Pro is available. I can't wait to see photos taken by the new device show up on billboards across the globe.

Brandon Russell