iPhone 11 rumored to feature new color and matte design

What you need to know

  • Apple will allegedly release an iPhone 11 in a dark green color.
  • The Foxconn insider also claims the iPhone 11 will feature frosted glass.
  • The device is also expected to ditch the iPhone name on the back.

We're about a month away from the iPhone 11's unveiling, and while there's been plenty of chatter about what to expect, there's a new leak taking the internet by storm.

According to an alleged ex-Foxconn employee, Apple's upcoming device will reportedly come in four colors, not three, and ditch the iPhone name on the back. In addition to black, silver, and gold, the iPhone 11 (or iPhone Pro) will reportedly come in a dark green color.

This would be unusual for Apple's high-end iPhone lineup, as it's not known to be particularly colorful. Apple's iPhone XR comes in a variety of colors but green isn't one of them. The insider might be referring to the new colorway coming to an updated iPhone XR and not the iPhone 11.

The alleged insider also claims the word iPhone will no longer be printed on the back of the phone as Apple moves to a more minimal frosted glass look. Along with looking cool, going with a matte design look would make the iPhone 11 easier and more comfortable to hold.

The report goes on to claim the iPhone 11 will indeed feature a triple-camera setup and also stick with a Lightning port instead of switching to USB-C. Finally, the iPhone 11 will allegedly ditch 3D Touch.

Apple typically introduces new iPhone models at the beginning of September, so it won't be long until we have official details.

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Brandon Russell