iPhone 11 will not offer bilateral wireless charging feature, says additional report

iPhone X wirelessly charging
iPhone X wirelessly charging (Image credit: Rene Ritchie / iMore)

What you need to know

  • Apple is planning to exclude bilateral wireless charging from the iPhone 11.
  • The company reportedly ran into charging efficiency issues.
  • The news was first broken by Ming-Chi Kuo and then confirmed by Mark Gurman.

Apple is reportedly nixing one of the most anticipated features of the iPhone 11: bilateral wireless charging.

The feature was supposed to let iPhone users charge their AirPods (or any other Qi-enabled device) using just their phone, but Apple is holding off on the feature as it has run into problems. Reliable Apple analyst Ming Chi-Kuo first broke the news yesterday saying "the charging efficiency may not meet Apple's requirements," though he still left the door slightly open.

However, now Bloomberg's Mark Gurman has reaffirmed the report.

Gurman later tweeted that the feature is not going to be included in the new iPhones.

It's not yet set in stone if Apple has nixed the bilateral wireless charging feature, but it's looking more like it probably will be. Apple only ever delays features when it runs into issues. This, it seems, will be one of those unlikely times.

Apple did something similar with AirPower after it ran into overheating problems. Now its bilateral wireless charging feature seems to be stumping into efficiency issues.

We'll find out more today during Apple's event. iMore will bring you complete coverage of everything Apple announces.

Danny Zepeda