Apple has announced iPadOS at WWDC 2019, and that means a whole new bunch of practical, fun, and funky updates for your favorite iPad. Want to know all about iPadOS and it's latest and greatest features? iMore's got'cha covered (as always).

What's new with iPadOS?

The first thing you'll notice on your iPad is a tighter grid of icons for more tools on your home screen. You can also now pin widgets right on the home screen, and using slide over, you can pick up reminders and other applications and drag them over to the side of your screen.

Drag up from the bottom of your screen to easily fan out apps and slide along the bottom to move quickly between each one, or you could use Apple Expose that's available with iPadOS.

With the new split view feature, you can view and access two different apps on one screen, or two different portions of a single app on your iPad's screen. It can be used from everything from photos to writing and responding to emails, and if you need to drop a link in that email, you can tap and hold to preview it before dragging and dropping it in.


With Files for iPad, a new Column view is available for file preview. Quick actions and rich metadata are also new features that come along with iPadOS and Files.

Apple is also improving on sharing files with a support folder for sharing your iCloud drive and built in support from SMB file sharing. Not only that, but you can now plug in a thumb drive, external disk drives, and SD cards right into files app.

If you're a photographer, you can even import photos right into an app like Lightroom from camera to your iPad, too.


Desktop class browsing is available for Safari on your iPad with iPadOS, meaning that instead of a mobile site, you'll see a desktop site for an optimal display.

Download manager is also new to Safari, along with and thirty brand new keyboard shortcuts.


All is working with some of the leading font developers in the world so you can customize and get creative with your font choices on iPad. Custom fonts can be downloaded right from the app store.

Text Edit

Possibly some of the most exciting updated that come with iPadOS involve Text Edit. Jump anywhere in the document instantly with moving cusros that can be dragged anywhere you want to go.

Using a three finger pinch, you can copy blocks of text or images, and using a three finger spread, you can paste your copied information anywhere you please.

A two finger swipe allows you to cut whatever you've written or pasted, while a three finger swipe will undo whatever you've written.

No more shaking that iPad!

The new keyboard swipe is called Quick Path and allows you to use your iPad effortlessly.

Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil goal is to make sure that it feels like you're writing on paper. Before, the latency of the Apple Pencil was around 20 milliseconds, but now the latency is 9 milliseconds, meaning drawing on your iPad is even more smooth and seamless.

Apple also announced Pencilkit developer API for iPadOS, and with the new Apple Pencil, you can pin the tools section to any area of the screen making markups and edits all the more simple and straightforward.

When can I install it?

Right now, the brave and the bold can install the developer beta of iPadOS 13 if you have a developer account. We highly recommend you wait for, at least, the public beta though. You should also never install a developer beta on your main device and you should always back up your data before installing.

Sometime next month (no official release date at this time), you can test out iPadOS 13 ahead of the official fall launch. Again, we recommend you wait, but if you're antsy in your pantsy to test the pubic beta, don't install it on your main device and always back up your data before you install it.

For the rest of us, iPadOS 13 will be ready for the public this fall (no official release date at this time).

What do you think?

With so many new and incredible software features and updates coming to the iPad with iPadOS, is there one specific tool that really caught your attention during WWDC 2019? Let us know your thoughts and feelings in the comments down below