iPhone 12 MiniSource: Apple

What you need to know

  • We've been treated to the first iPhone 12 mini hands-on video.
  • A Romanian YouTuber was able to get hold of one.
  • It's fair to say that it's small.

If you're holding out for an iPhone 12 mini when it goes on sale on November 13 you're probably going to enjoy this – someone got their hands on one early and filmed it for our enjoyment.

Spotted by MacRumors, Romanian YouTuber George Buhnici has shared what appears to be the first iPhone 12 mini hands-on. And as expected, it's small. Very small.

Update: The original video has been removed from YouTube. I've replaced it with a shorter, similar one.

Unfortunately, the full video is in Romanian and there are no subtitles to be seen anywhere. Still, you can get the gist and it's great to see the iPhone mini in someone's hands for size context.

Apple's iPhone 12 mini is functionality identical to iPhone 12, but with a smaller 5.4-inch display rather than the larger 6.1-inch screen. That will make it super pocketable and many people will be pleased to have this in their hand rather than the massive phones we're more accustomed to.

You can pre-order iPhone 12 mini on November 6 with orders shipping the following Friday.