Sliding iPhone 13 Concept CaptureSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • This iPhone 13 concept is hotter than a hot thing.
  • It features an iPhone with a sliding screen.
  • But there's no way it's going to happen next year.

New iPhone concepts are always a good time and they don't all have to be realistic depictions of what an iPhone will offer the next time Tim Cook puts sneaker to stage. They can be outlandish and unlikely and that's definitely the camp this latest ConceptsiPhone joint falls into.

Featuring multiple cameras and a LiDAR Scanner, this concept starts out fine. But then we get to see the way the screen curves around the edge of the device itself, similar to how Samsung has been making phones for a few years. Except worse – can you imagine how many times the fleshy part of your hand would accidentally tap that thing?

But things look up when we get to see the sliding mechanism that reveals another display, waiting to be used. It reminds me of countless phones that have tried similar things with limited success. But if Apple tried it – surely things would be different, right?

Well, maybe. But the chances are slim-to-none that we'll find out within the next few years and are sub-zero in terms of next year. Still, it doesn't hurt to dream, does it?

The concept doesn't go into detail about what that sliding screen could offer, but a larger landscape keyboard immediately springs to mind as does on-screen controller functionality for games. Imagine what all the amazing iOS developers could do if they were given two screens to play with.

Hopefully, one day, we'll find out!