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What you need to know

  • New OLED panels for the iPhone 13 will likely be supplied by LG and Samsung.
  • A new report says that a third potential supplier, BOE, has failed a supply chain quality assurance test for the second time this year.

A new report says that OLED panels for the iPhone 13 will likely be supplied by LG and Samsung after BOE failed to secure any orders.

From the report:

Chinese display giant BOE has yet again failed to clinch a supply order from Apple for OLED panels, TheElec has learned.

The display maker will now have to try again in the first half of 2021 __ which means next year's iPhone series will likely use panels made by Samsung Display and LG Display again.

BOE's B7 line at Chengdu, Sichuan province has failed Apple's review for OLED supply, people familiar with the matter said.

As the report notes, BOE failed a similar test back in June for the iPhone 12, and unless the group can get its act together early next year, it will likely cost the company a chance at supplying displays for the iPhone 13.

Whilst the iPhone 12 might only be a few weeks old, we already have some early information about the iPhone 13. Early indications are that it will follow the same lineup as the iPhone 12, with four models in three sizes, including a mini variant.

We are expecting to see 120Hz displays on an iPhone for the first time ever, Apple was reportedly very close to bringing it to the iPhone 12, making the feature almost a lock for next year's phone. Display analyst Ross Young has also previously noted all the displays will feature integrated touch technology (a thinner, single panel to reduce thickness) and OLED across the board.