Choosing the perfect color for your iPhone is a decision of utmost importance. Your phone will be your constant companion through thick and thin, so it's important to choose wisely since you'll be staring at it every day. Right now, the iPhone 8 is available in three colors. All three are understated and sophisticated, but very different from one another. Take a look at the options below to see your choices, as well as links where you can buy them.

Space Gray

Dark and mysterious: Space Gray

Staff Pick

Gray is one of those neutral colors that goes with anything. It's a dark, thoughtful color that works well with any color palette, bag, or outfit. This phone will never look out-of-place.

$450 at Best Buy

Sparkle & shine: Gold

For those that love all things shiny, gold is the obvious choice. What we love about this shade is that it's not a garish yellow gold. This is a lighter, delicate shade of gold that doesn't look overdone.

$450 at Best Buy

Light & simple: Silver

Here's the iPhone 8 for all those minimalists out there. This light silver shade is soft and subtle; it has an elegant look without calling too much attention to itself.

$350 at Best Buy

Dark outer space vibes

iPhone 8 Space Gray HeroSource: iMore

Instead of the standard (and somewhat boring) black, Space Gray provides the same understated appeal but with a little more dimension. This is a great color for dark and mysterious types or just anyone who prefers a versatile, low-key color palette. We prefer this outer-space inspired look over white or black any day.

Space Gray

iPhone 8 in Space Gray

Keep it dark and low-key with Apple's classic Space Gray. Not quite black, definitely not silver, it's the perfect in-between.

For that upscale look

iPhone 8 - GoldSource: Rene Ritchie / iMore

This is all the glam without the glitz. It's a beautiful shade of light gold that looks upscale and valuable but without a gaudy look. It is said that this color may show scratches and scuffs more than the other color choices, so you'll definitely want a case for it. But make it a clear one, so that lovely luxurious gold color shows through.


iPhone 8 in Gold

All the shine without any brassy tones; this light shade of gold is classy but not overdone.

Keeping it simple

iPhone 8 back - silver heroSource: iMore

If you're not into dark shades but prefer an understated look, then this silver shade is for you. Like the gold, it leans to a lighter shade of silver, almost white but with an attractive metallic sheen. Silver is another one of those colors that goes with everything, so you won't have to worry about it clashing with your other accessories.


iPhone 8 in Silver

Keep it soft and subtle with silver. This is a light shade of silver that goes with everything.

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