You love your iPhone 8 Plus, right?

I mean, it's a beautiful piece of tech, and it'd be a shame if some silly, stupid case was shadowing it's impeccable beauty. What's worse than a bulky case hiding your iPhone? Not having a case on your iPhone 8 Plus at all.

The middle ground? A stunning, shiny, simple, sleek, see-through clear case that'll both protect your iPhone 8 Plus and show off its true all-glass beauty (cue Homer drooling sounds).

Here are 10 great clear cases to show off your iPhone 8 Plus' true beauty!

1. Trianium iPhone 8 Clear Case

TPU Bumper Cushion + Scratch Resistant clear design = YAAAAAAS. This case will cost you around $6 to $9.

2. RANVOO Ultra Slip iPhone 8 Plus Case

It's like a second, invisible skin — but for your iPhone 8 Plus! And only for around $10-$12!

3. Matone iPhone 8 Plus Crystal Clear soft Case

Add a li'l extra protection to your iPhone 8 Plus while still keeping it's glam on display with the Matone iPhone 8 Plus Crystal Clear soft Case! This case will cost you around $8.

(Check out those thousands of positive Amazon reviews, tho…)

4. JETech iPhone 8 Plus HD Clear case

Full protection? CHECK. Slim design? CHECK. Access to all controls? CHECK. Affordable $5 price tag? CHECK. Clear AF CHECK CHECK CHECK.

5. Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone 8 Case (with clear protection)

How clear is this case? Well once it's on your iPhone 8 Plus, you're going to be like "WOAH WHERE DID IT GO".

You can pick up this case for $12-$15.

6. Spigen Liquid Crystal iPhone 8 Plus

What's clearer than crystal? Liquid crystal.

Duh. (Plus it will only cost you around $9 - $11).

7. GeekZone iPhone 8 Plus Crystal Clear Case

Show off your iPhone 8 Plus' beautiful glass back while protecting it with a hard back panel TPU bumper for around $6-$8!

8. i-Blason iPhone 8 Plus clear case

While this case is clear as clear can be, the bumper surrounding it comes in clear, black, gold, blue, and rose gold colors for around $10.

9. ESR Slim Fit Clear Case

Ultra thin structure + Shock absorbtion + Clear design = YAS YAS YAAAAAS.

This case will cost you around $6-$11.

What are your top clear case picks?

Is there a clear case that we missed on our list that you're obsessed with? Let us know what your top picks are in the comments below!

Updated August 2018: We have removed the Humixx iPhone Clear case from the list because it is no longer available.

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